Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Series 11 Starting Soon

While X Factor USA has been grabbing the headlines hopeful applicants have been auditioning for Series 11 of American Idol. Almost as soon as Melanie gets the $5 million cheque and Simon Cowell breathes a sigh of relief that the ratings remained pretty good after all the show he left kicks off. I'm not sure when it will be shown here in the UK but the States get it in early January and hopefully ITV2 will have paid their fees and it'll be on our screens a few days later.

As the auditions shows are recorded well in advance news leaks out about who gets through. The best I can find so far is a list of those who get through to the 'Hollywood' round. You can take a look at that on the Rumours page if you like, although unless you actually know someone who has auditioned it's probably not going to mean much! If anyone spots any names that are familiar from last year, or even, perhaps, some who didn't get far on X Factor - and they're reasonably talented rather than just a perennial entrant - let me know.

One chap called Deandre seems to have caught someone's attention. Names that get shaken out of the bag at this stage tend to do well so there's one to start with!