Friday, 23 March 2012

Haley Reinhart Returns as #American Idol Loses Another Girl

The results show is always a combination of the sublime and the ridiculous. Colton looks really strangely out of place doing the Let's All Dance bit with Phillip plain uncomfortable trying to smile and dance at the same time without a guitar. Let's just hope, for the sake of the Top 10 gigs' audiences that someone looks again at this and ensures they don't attempt the awful For The Longest Time again.

If American Idol were a competition for a group of ten boys and girls to do sing-a-long numbers then they'd have given the show over to InTENsity or 1 Direction and 6 random fans.

Anyway, back to the results. First up are Hollie, Skylar and Elise. Each could be vulnerable for different reasons. Elise, arguably, had the greatest performance of these three by a long way last night and, for a moment, with Hollie and Skylar breathing huge sighs of relief, Elise looks like the first in the bottom three. But Ryan's playing games again and she's (deservedly) safe as well! That was a surprise.

Elizabeth Woolridge Grant performs next. You'll know her as Lana Del Rey, a winsome girl who has become a star overnight. Video Games has been played almost non-stop on UK stations so I'd like to have heard something else from the much acclaimed album but this was pretty cool. I can imagine Colton doing that. Hmm - an idea for the final, maybe.

Then we have an embarrassing Happy 64th Birthday for Steven Tyler, with his guitarist buddy Joe Perry doing a few notes and, Lord help us, the boys and girls still standing being obliged to do the dreadful Happy Birthday To You when what they really want to do is get on and find out which three of them are not connecting with voting land.

Deandre, Josh and Jessica are picked out next. Jessica is the obvious safe one and I wonder whether the other two head to the bottom three but Josh must have just escaped this week, leaving Deandre looking worried.

Haley Reinhart returns. Now she is the sublime. Free is her new single from a well-received album. She looks and sounds fabulous but needs better written tracks if she's going to make it here in the UK. Nice to see her again, though, one of the real stars to come out of America Idol.

Erika, Heejun, Phillip and Colton are next in line. Predictably, Colton is safe. Phillip is lucky too, leaving Erika and Heejun to join Deandre as this week's bottom three.

Now Deandre should be the one to go out of these three, second Heejun with Erika by far the superior artist. But that's not the way the voters saw it - well, they had Heejun second but it was Erika who faced having to sing again. You had to feel sorry for her, in the bottom two again, having done exactly what everyone told her and singing brilliantly. She performed well again with I Believe and the crowd was all for the judges saving her. But they didn't. I guess they took the view that, despite all the compliments, all the effort she'd made, despite all that the public still didn't get what she was about. So, frankly, what chance does she have of surviving much longer? Yes, we'd all probably rather listen to Erika than some of the other also-rans who'll be gone soon enough but she'll not have made the final. So, a bit sadly, we say farewell to Erika Van Pelt.