Friday, 16 March 2012

Meet the Top 10

This is one of the key nights in the Season when we learn who has made it, not just to the Live Shows but more lucratively for them, to the tour that the top ten contestants will feature in. For some it can mean almost as much as winning, giving them a chance to promote themselves across the States and, of course, some get better and better as they go. Not all though, and audiences will still have to put up with some duds. This year they'll have several excellent people to watch for sure with Jessica, Holllie and Joshua guaranteed to get through. They'll probably also have Skylar, representing the sole country interest this year and Colton is likely to be the modern element on tour, which will do his future no harm at all.

Tommy Haflinger will be advising contestants on image, suggesting the look that's best for them. That'll be good news for all of them, although, to be fair the team haven't done a bad job so far. He gives props to Adam Lambert who really did seem to get it right.

The judges have a 'save' option that they can exercise just once between this week and week 5. This can maybe put right a single wrong when they think the voters get it wrong and someone who might have gone doesn't.

We learn that Percy Sledge is still alive and kicking and using e-mail. He sent one to Joshua congratulating him on his performance which that guy will treasure for sure.

Despite getting rave reviews from Jimmy Iovine, Elise is the first declared not safe. She must wonder what an earth she can do after such a good performance this week and looking really good too. You wonder whether voters are getting confused between her and Erica, not that Erica was at all bad but, of the two, it's Erica I'd expect to have trouble connecting with voters.

Shannon is next in the unsafe area, unsurprisingly after a less than inspiring performance of what she really should have excelled at.

Skylar and Jessica are the first two girls on tour. Joshua, Phillip, Colton and Deandre the first four boys. We're left with Heejun, who must be feeling vulnerable but may just sneak through on his undoubted popular appeal, and Hollie who must, surely be a certainty, and Erica.

Nice to see Daughtry back - a good example of how those sent home before a final do still do well and,especially in his case, last and succeed.

Heejun really does seem to have won some fans out there in voting land as, despite a pretty poor performance again, he joins the Top 10. It will be fun watching him but when he starts taking places that others deserve then it'll be time to go. So that left, Erica in the bottom three. That's fair as she wasn't great either.

Elise, Shannon are left as Elise, thankfully, is declared safe and justice is done quickly, leaving the two girls not, as the picture below shows, looking terribly happy and, if Erica does stay, Tommy Haflinger's image and dress advice will be most welcome!

Shannon is the one who received the least votes this week. Whilst she wasn't good, that's still quite surprising. She gets to sing one last time to try and impress the judges enough to convince them to save her but it's not a great performance, gaining mostly sympathetic applause rather than the instant appreciation they give to someone they love.

So that's it. She goes. For a 16 year old, however, she takes it with remarkable grace and that is much to her credit.