Friday, 30 March 2012

Someone Has To Go... #AmericanIdol Top 9 Review Pt2

Surely Heejun has to go tonight?

First to discover their fate are Elise, Phillip and Hollie. The replays show Elise and Phillip clearly more idol-like than Hollie on last night's showing. So it's no surprise to see Hollie getting her first bottom 3 placing.

Niki Minaj comes to entertain. The camera man must have had so many instructions to pull out and all we really get to see is a distant view of the girl miming prettily to her backing track. Sounding remarkably like Rihanna. Perhaps the same guy wrote her track as writes for the more famous girl. No doubt we'll get some of the out-takes on YouTube eventually. One thing about this girl, though: she is current and you do have to wonder how many of the Top 9 compare favourably in that respect. No matter how good they may be, there aren't many I'd call current. There again, Scotty wasn't and he did OK.

Colton, Joshua and Heejun next. Jimmy puts Colton down a bit in his recap. Fair comment actually. Joshua doesn't sound so good second time round but Heejun didn't sound good first time round. Again, predictably, it's another drop to the bottom 3 for him.

It looks like a choice between Heejun and Hollie coming up. Skylar, surprisingly, joins them briefly before being sent to safety again. Jessica, of course, is safe and sound anyway. Deandre also scrapes through once more and it is, indeed between the two Hs.

I think I would have stopped writing in protest if it had been Hollie at the bottom but, no, it's as it should be - Heejun sings again and doesn't get saved either.

That's good. Nice guy who we'll see plenty more of. Just not singing.