Friday, 25 May 2012

American Idol. And The Winner is...

Trying to keep away from announcements of the winner, tweets, news bulletins, Google+ and Facebook has meant that I've had virtually to hibernate for two days! I genuinely still don't know what the result is and am writing this live with the UK showing.

After the seriously odd anti-climax of Part 1, which is usually the exciting and best part when the last two really turn on all that they have to attract as many votes as they can, I have no idea what to expect tonight but it can only improve...

Well, white suits certainly put a smile on my face! I am just trying to imagine what Phillip would ahve said had he come 3rd and been asked to don the white gear and do the sing-a-long and dance bit!! He must be so relieved. And the organisers.

Shannon is so tall.

That was all totally pointless but nice to see the whole gang again.

Ryan tells us that an extraordinary 132 million votes were cast. With numbers like that then it probably doesn't matter who sang what in the first part. If Jessica has managed to get the whole of The Philippines and Mexico dialling then - who knows - she may have got 130 million of them.

My own preference is for Jessica to win. I feel she could be the future star and appeal to the music generation of youngsters out there and transfer from the US too. Phillip is solid and pretty much faultless in terms of notes and stuff but he seldom seems to be challenged or doing anything that special. The single written for him is cool. But that's as far as he goes.

Phillip gets first bash at convincing us he's worth all the effort with a performance with John Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival. Now I bought all their albums when they came out so that guy must be getting on for 70 but looks younger than he does on the cover of Cosmo's Factory! Crazy. They do a couple of tracks. All good stuff. I do like Who'll Stop the Rain.

Joshua next. Is he in the Final after all? Everyone's thinking he should be. Fantasia comes on and squawks at him quite a lot. Both of them head for the audience and frighten the pants off the front row. They seem to keep going, squawking ever louder and annoyingly. Eventually the ads appear, presumably while the producers try and shut them up and shove them off the stage.

Jessica must be wondering whether everyone's forgotten her.

Chukka Khan comes next and a string of stars including Rihanna doing great stuff. Well, with all the money from 132 million votes they can afford to splash out.

Finally Jessica gets a chance. A perfect version of I Will Always Love You. Beautiful. Pity there's no more votes to gather. But then she disappears again and we get the Top 12 prancing around and doing cover versions again. How come Phillips gets two shots with the old guy and Jessica gets just one repeat of an earlier track? I'm beginning to think she may have a chance of winning after all and they're saving her for the end.

Neil Diamond!? Good grief! this show certainly pulls in the stars, albeit those from my day more than today. (OK, I know, Rihanna and Fantasia are current but most of the numbers the idols do and a good number of the guests are older than I am and I'm pretty ancient.)

Jennifer Lopez gets to promote her new releases. They're OK but her baggy pants look silly. In fact there was one part with a female backing singer whose voice was really good. No idea who she was.

We then get a couple of old idols on stage and the guy proposes to the girl who does actually look genuinely surprised. Luckily she says 'yes'. Oh boy, this is a strange show tonight.

Hollie comes on and starts You'll Never Walk Alone a bit uncertainly. then introduces Jordin Sparks who is twice as tall and has a far more expensive dress. For a short while Jordin seems to be demonstrating just how the song should sung but then Hollie finds her confidence and blows the big girl out of the water with her performance. Jessica  is still missing and is probably wondering what sort of job she'd have made of that. My guess is that she would have started better than Hollie but not finished as well and would have been tempted to do some runs and wobbly bits that simply wouldn't have suited that classic track. personally, I still prefer Gerry & The Pacemakers' original version. I think it was them, at any rate. Perhaps they'll come on in a moment. they're so old that they probably do have pacemakers now. talking of 'moments', if anything, Jordin and Hollie did provide a bit of a moment there. remembering earlier years, though, we're missing that special Christina Aguilera or Lady Gaga performance. Now they were moments.

Oh dear, poor Robin must have been turning in his grave as the guys attempted the first of a medley of Bee Gee numbers. Awful. Colton rescues things but has to cope with the other four coming in at the wrong times and in the wrong key to ruin the next number. Finally, Joshua fixes things with his pretty passionate interpretation of To Love Somebody and just about manages to drwon out the idiots backing him who really should have been left sitting in the audience for this show.

I had thought that this series was going to be a bit special with what appeared to be some real talent. It seems that many got worse over the weeks instead of getting better.

Now we get Jessica, with Jennifer Halliday. Compare that to Phillip and Fogerty. Hmmm. No. No comparison. I'm not particularly fond of the scrunchy vocal performances that the Jennifer woman does but you have to be impressed with Jessica, probably one sixth the age of the other but actually sounding the better of the two. Still don't think that Jessica's best style, though.

Hello. Aerosmith! Steven Tyler has a new record to promote now. All good stuff and he seems to have altered some words to include reference to the idol girls. I heard Jessica, Jennifer and Hollie. Legendary being the not so clever title as it sounds more like Letch In The Dairy or Ledge 'N Hairy. Before he has a chance to get himself in trouble with the Protect Our Youth Brigade they morph into Walk This Way and all is fairly safe after all and the very innocent under 18s are not in any way provided with unsuitable or suggestive material. They still have to wait until their 18 to do what most of Europe is doing at 15 these days. Or 21 if it involves alcohol. I suppose Steven is this year's Lady Gaga.

Phillip must have fallen asleep by now behind the curtain. Someone needs to wake him up during the ad break. There's only 14 minutes left. That's 6 minutes, allowing for ads and him singing the new single and smiling inanely as the bags of glitter burst above him. Well, that's what I think will happen next. I may be wrong.

Piano intro. It's Jessica. And Phillip, now in black. He did look ridiculous in white. Up Where We Belong kinda works but it's like Jessica is the lead singer and he's just one of the backing guys. Pretty bland, to be honest. It's returning to the dire stuff we had in Part 1.

OK. Here we go. Dim the lights...

The audience is so much in favour in Phillip. So just as well he won. The bookies were right all along. And he definitely has the best single.

That's it. Season 11 is over.