Friday, 4 May 2012

American Idol: the one with Coldplay, Carrie and wind and Phillip's fans send Skylar home

Well we knew Joshua was going to be safe and Ryan gets that out of the way pretty smartly.

Coldplay follow with the first of two performances. Paradise was decidedly dodgy  but at least it confirmed that they were singing live, possibly one of the first for a while. I expected him to say "Sorry" at the end as not only was Chris struggling to hit the notes but his band seemed to be playing in different time zones. If he doesn't make up for that then Gwyneth will give him hell when he gets home.

Hollie Kavenagh -Photo from
Hollie and Phillip are brought centre stage. Now, as Jimmy so lucidly put it, and almost anyone other than a mad Phillip fan would agree, Phillip deserved to go after those lazy and uninspiring performances and, certainly out of the two, it was Hollie who had been the star. What happens? Exactly the opposite! Phillip must have some fan base. Oh dear.

Jessica Sanchez

Carrie Underwood does a track about Oklahoma wind and looks stunning in an expensive white dress that gets nicely blown away from time to time and that brings a few appreciative whistles from the men in the audience. (Strange that they don't do that when Rhianna, Lady Gaga or Christina perform with far more exposed.) This is one expensive show tonight. I kept looking at Carrie, not just because of the dress but also thinking how well Hollie could have performed the same track.

Next up are the remaining pair, Skylar and Jessica. Now that's a difficult choice in some ways. On replay, Skylar sounded the more accomplished, albeit not at her best and Jessica seemed just a little desperate to impress with her first number but still superbly presenting the second. America has shown its uncertainty about Jessica a couple of weeks ago and I was expecting the same to happen again but, no, it was indeed Skylar who joined Hollie in the bottom two.

Coldplay again. That was better. Chris obviously had a word with the boys backstage.

Dim the lights ... it's Skylar who finsihes fifth.