Friday, 11 May 2012

Hollie takes 4th Place On American Idol

California Dreaming starts off the results show which is almost like part two of the Finale itself, with the standard this being so high. I still feel Phillip is uncomfortable in these group affairs and both and he and Joshua sound out of place in these harmony affairs. It's not his bag. The girls, however, were spot on and reproduced Mama Cass and Michelle Phillips nicely.

Phillip is first up and Jimmy reckons that he's found his niche at last. the saxophone did it for him, much as for me. You get the impression that he'll be safe - first up, I'd expect him to be in the bottom two but Ryan plays around and we have to wait.

Hollie next for the Jimmy judgement and I expect him to be honest and predict that she's the one to go. He did but we still have to wait. It all sounds very much like she's going to take 4th place. Anything else would be a shock. We've had several so far, two of which she won - a third time would be a bit much to ask.

David Cook interrupts proceedings with his latest number - a good, well-written rock track that I wondered how Phillip might have delivered in comparison. Not as well. David's voice and bearing were what won over the voters that year and Phillip simply doesn't match that.

Joshua gets the honest review and also has to wait. Jessica gets similar treatment. Nice to hear that even Jimmy genuinely can't predict the winner, although I think he was referring to the J v J contest there behind the scenes, including H and P out of fairness in public.

Just one thought does go through my head during the ads: where does Jessica's support actually lie and how much is it with people who vote? Hollie's supporters really could be the mad diallers, just as I would expect Phillip's females who weren't put off by his pretty girlfriend last week. Either could, possibly, knock Jessica into 4th place. It has happened before. Only Phillip has never been at risk so I guess we have to assume that he's made it through again? Then it's between the two girls and just who has brought out the most votes rather than who performed best on the night. If Hollie kept hers on board whilst Jessica's much older-style image appealed to a different audience and left hers behind who were wanting a youngster singing a ballad or pop song then that shock may yet come.

Jennifer had the benefit of a backing track and was able to concentrate on a cool set of moves with some ugly-looking blokes on the stage. A good, commercial track but I was wondering just what Joshua would have made of the lyrics. Then you had to wonder what Hollie and Jessica, both 'under age' in the States, were thinking or, for that matter, the stricter members of the viewing public. Jennifer essentially showed the difference between the ages and it would really only be Phillip who would be 'allowed' to appreciate the words and moves!

Jessica is the first announced as in the Top 3. Next is Joshua. So, it is between Phillip and Hollie. Frustratingly we have to wait through another ad break.

It's Philip who makes the Finale. Farewell Hollie - a good run and very creditable 4th place in an outstanding AI2012.