Friday, 18 May 2012

There are 91 million votes in Bataan (and Westlake and Leesburg pop. 2965)

91 million votes! Boy, that's a lot. To get to the final, contestants needed a third of them.

Watching Joshua perform It's A Man's World as he left the competition, you just have to say that there goes someone who may well rank as one of the best finds by the Series in all its 11 years. I would love to have seen him in the final with Jessica which I believe could have been quite something and, like the X Factor final, of a quality that ought to silence some of those who just think this is just another cheesy reality TV show with a big budget.

By chance one of the other hugely talented finds of the Series was also performing as a guest tonight. Adam Lambert is quite extraordinarily brilliant and, at times, he could almost have been giving Joshua lessons in how to run round notes and elicit lyrics without losing them. If only someone could write Adam some decent tracks. Looking forward to seeing how he fills Freddie Mercury's space on the stage with Queen for the British Jubilee celebration performances.

One surprise tonight was Lisa Marie Presley. She sang You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet which might well have been written by David Lynch. It had that dark, moody feel, emphasised by some very cool guitar work, that I could imagine accompanying a Lynch film. Quite out of place here but interesting for all that.

Another surprise was Ryan bringing our attention to a clip of Phillip's dad packing heat in clear view on the homecoming video. I am just trying to imagine how that would go down on a British show. It is all very strange. Steven gets told off big time for some references about a couple of 16 year olds but we Brits aren't allowed to see Coca Cola and get red blob instead of cups on the judges' bench!

Joshua leaving wasn't a surprise. He didn't deserve to go but it wasn't a surprise with 91 million votes split between them. My bet is that it was Phillip that got the surprise - as he probably has every week since he started! Jessica had better take every bit of Jimmy's advice between now and next week, though. That's all I can say as we approach the end of another American Idol series.