Friday, 25 January 2013

A Good Night For The Bs in Baton Rouge

This edition is being screened just as some lawyer in the States is making a good profit from planning to sue the American Idol production company for supposedly discriminating against black auditionees over the years. The people they are proposing to cite seem to me either to have been fairly treated, and given opportunities to return when they get out of jail, have charges dropped or whatever they felt excluded them at the time, or they're just plain lame and wouldn't have been put through if they were red, white and blue.

With the massive Country vote out there, it is probably inevitable that, as the Live Shows progress, the good ol' boys may have a bit of an advantage but that's over everyone, not just a particular colour. Jessica Sanchez ran Phillip Phillips a close second last year and there has been a pretty broad selection of finalists and, indeed, winners. If it were to be shown, however, that black candidates with dodgy legal history were treated differently than others then the production company will have a problem but from what I've seen to date, this hasn't got legs other than for the tabloid headline writers for a while.

So, these are the Baton Rouge auditions - cue pics of swamps, crocodiles and whatever else the producers reckoned they could get away with by way of brand stamps for this place in the Bayou.

Megan Miller comes along to start us off and is on crutches, having had a nasty accident just before. Nice that we didn't get the back story - she just rolled with it and I like her. She has a great personaility and sings well. Whether she has that extra something I don't know but she's certainly streets ahead of many others they've put through.

Charlie Askew has a voice that is quite different - I don't think it has broken, despite his age. Nice. He could stand out with the right material. Interesting to see where he'll go after Hollywood.

Maddie Assell is another nominated girl and we see the Randy surprise. These have been pretty good so far and don't come in with the 'This is my dream' thing. Well, normally they don't. This one did as soon as I wrote that. I can imagine her having one fabulous make-over and looking totally different if she makes the Live Shows. She's also different and instantly likeable. And she can sing well. This is a much better start than most weeks have been so far.

If that lawyer's watching, though, that's 3/3 very white people.

Paul Jolley, great voice and mature guy who looks good but honest, not pimped up. He'll do well.

Chris Bartell is named Mushroom by Nicki. Hilarious but bad and should return to a dark room somewhere.

Dr Calvin Peters has a good tone and looks reliable. Easily through but not sure about star Quality.

Finally someone really good - Breanna Steer, followed by Brandy Hotard. We don't see much of these two but enough to show they're both a little special. This is turning into a good location. Or, at least, we're being spared more of the lame acts than before. Watch out for both of them.

Thank heavens for the Doc or it would be 7/7 so far shown as going through.

One true hunk fireman would get through just for the way he looks. Justin sings well, Country-style, and

Burnell Taylor makes the final Baton Rouge score 2/9. Comes across as one nice guy and performs with style and in tune. Good job and I can see him entertaining the crowd in the Live Shows no problem. He gets a standing ovation from the four judges and they seem as impressed with him as anyone they've seen. I'd also watch out for Brandy and Brianna, though.

A good night for the Bs. That's those with names beginning with B, of course.