Saturday, 19 January 2013

Chicago auditions: yet more Mariah fans

Chicago produced Haley Reinhart so that's one good thing about this town for a start. After some pretty pointless auditions in New York (well, those we were allowed to see, that is) the second instalment of the auditions run needs something good.

Mackenzie delivers that too, confident and attractive and a genuine performer. Then we get some useless bloke. Blokes are having a bad time so far and, as if to emphasise the point, along comes Kiara Lanier who's very tall but also very good and brings out the first dope of the season from Randy. Kiara announces that she is multi-racial and follows that with the bizarre remark that she's therefore like Mariah. Big Mariah fan. Nicki had tried telling her how pretty she was when she walked on but didn't get a great deal of response.

Stephanie Schimel is blonde and comes across well. Another Mariah fan. I can understand why Nicki appears to be getting miffed as everyone she says looks or sounds lovely seems to reply that they love Mariah. You kinda hope that someone would come on and say they really like Nicki and maybe that would even things up a bit. Nicki is the only one to say no to her, initially because she didn't get much impression of character from her performance. That was a reasonable enough comment but when the others put her through to the Hollywood Round anyway she said that she only voted against her because she was wearing the same nail colouring or something. Weird.

A poor girl called Melissa Bush appears in a slightly strange and very tight bright pink one piece affair that she says she bought specially. She's a dull, quite serious-looking girl who really doesn't look like you think a masseuse would look but there you go. She tries hard but simply can't sing. Nicki yells "Bush!" at her, possibly trying to get a laugh but I'm not sure. It just seemed so wrong on almost any level and the poor girl was clearly confused and goes off stage sadly. Not a good scene, that, guys.

Dave Brown is a podgy rocker. he's a fun guy and comes out with some cool retorts to whatever the judges come up with too. We need a few more intelligent candidates, I feel, and, for once, he doesn't announce how much of a fan he is of Mariah. He starts with Gimme Shelter. That was actually quite good and with some Stones-type backing and guitars it would work. He's quite shouty but not in a wailing or necessarily bad way. Randy gets him to do another track and there's a good, more restrained voice there for We All Die Young. I don't know how he'll fare but he's through to Hollywood.

Nigel Naverty likes ninja rap whatever that is. He's odd. Embarrassed remarks from the judges. He has to be the fastest singer I've heard. Not exactly bad but I can't see him doing Dancing Queen  that way in the Abba round. When he tries to sing vaguely normally he sounds as if he's speeded up. Bye Nigel.

Isobel Farrell gets some help from Keith Urban with Baby It's Cold Outside but still should get through totally on her own anyway. Nice voice. First instance of Randy not agreeing with the others but she gets through. Nice girl.

Griffin Petersen is a good-looking guy, after a bundle of other guys have been shown coming and going, all getting Nicki's attention for various reasons. Nicki likes this one and wants to put him through just because he looks good. His singing is pretty poor but, with just three on the panel on this occasion, Randy gets outvoted by the two girls and the pretty guy gets through.

Curtis Finch is also a Mariah fan. Heavens, has Mariah made some deal that only her fans get on the show? No wonder Nicki is misbehaving so much. He does the God Is Able thing which is very boring but he does have a decent voice and the judges seem very happy to send him through. Nicki, once again, says how much she likes him and he responds by saying how much he likes Mariah.

Another Mariah to end this show. We get the anorexia back story. Although I'm not a fan of this sob story stuff, she did explain this one pretty emotionally and maybe that will do some good to the girls watching the programme. Eventually she gets to sing and does Let It Be,  That's not a simple song to sing without any backing but she is great. One of the better candidates.

So, Chicago has found a few decent contenders and, with less production rubbish, the show is back on track. They still need to find some more guys, though.