Thursday, 24 January 2013

Ryan Drives, Nicki Walks - Charlotte Auditions.

All the publicity promos for these auditions have been about some row between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey, presumably with Keith Urban banging his head on the table and Randy Jackson simply looking helpless as only Randy Jackson can. So let's get that out of the way and assume that Nicki says something, Mariah disagrees and that it's probably not got a great deal to do with whoever is being auditioning.

I wonder if there'll actually be any auditions that make it through to the Live Shows in this week's showing? Let's see.

Ryan on a motor speedway racetrack being allowed to win in Charlotte, North Carolina. This was Scotty territory so cue him telling the crowd that he was there, well nearby, two years ago. They like that.

First act is Naomi Morris who makes clothes and make-up. She also makes people's ears hurt.

Some idiot called Joe lies on his back to sing. Then a big fellow with a son and a back story about a growth so if they've taken the trouble to edit all that soppy stuff in I guess he'll be around for a while. Brian Ritanbury sings Let It Be in good ol' belt it out style. Through but boring - letting his wife Keith was probably the best bit.

Jimmy Smith was a good-looking hunky chap who would make good tv,
Sarina Joe Crowe sounded groovy,
Haley Davis looked liked Haleys look and did well,
Nachelle with some remarkable range made a good impression
and a whole bunch more we don't see much of go through.

Pity we didn't get much more than a glimpse. So far, only one name we've been given makes it anywhere near the Live Shows. [That's hardly a spoiler!]

More Scotty, who talks in very short sentences, often missing out complete words. That's another cue for a dude in a hat that doesn't look quite right. Must be a Country artist. Matthew Muse is a bit slow, with movements that would look better replayed at faster speed. Odd singing too. Why on earth thry ask him to dance I do not know. Nicki gets him modelling. This is ridiculous and a real waste of time. Production team in charge again. Please let us see some of those who actually get through to the Top 40.

Isobel Gonzalez gets descended upon by Randy. I like these slots. She is also beautiful. She reminds me so much of Carl Rose Sonnenclare, maybe aged a couple of years. Sounds lovely and a bit different. Natural, as Keith points out. Not sure if she's Idol material, though. She just seems a little too nice but a welcome breath of fresh air for all that.

Isabel Gonzalez - Charlotte Audition - American... by IdolxMuzic

A girl who was lead singer with a band called Carson looks the part. Nice that she is someone familiar with performing. Sings Johnny Cash's Fulsom Prison Blues. Didn't quite work. The next one works better but I agree with Keith again that she may be better in front of a band and dancing around on stage. Not a good audition. She does just get through on a 2-2 vote.

Another bunch of auditions. Some seem to wow the judges but we don't het to find out why.

Summer Cunningham sings Lean On Me and is OK but not spectacular. This is where the row we've all heard about comes and Nicki makes a very reasonable point but the others don't get it. I'm not going to ramble on about it here. From all the publicity, though, I'd thought she'd been the cause of all the trouble with some of her shot-from-the-hip or occasionally left-field remarks that I could imagine causing trouble but no, this was nothing like that and she walks off with some justification. Summer gets through but that's neither here nor there. I reckon that one or two of those we saw earlier clutching golden tickets will be the ones we see more of rather than this girl.

And, of course, Nicki will be back anyway.

Brandy Hamilton is first on the following day. Nicki is back with straight hair and a blue hat. This is a gospel-type and interesting audition. She's though.

Oh dear, now we get some odd woman in a blonde wig. She sings all right but, like so many, nothing I particularly want to see or hear again. The judges seem just a little over-nice, maybe making up for the row the day before. What was interesting, and unscripted, was Brandy's exit remark of Please don't fight: it makes us sad. That definitely hurt the judges.

Janelle Arthur has had some experience on stage in theatre. She is talented, quite professional and knows what she's doing. Easily through and a good Country candidate for the Scotty position 2013. One to watch if she can put her own brand on performances and not be just another good singer.

Rodney Barber is an earnest guy who helps homeless people and says people call him the Voice of Charlotte. No pressure there then. Nice personaiity but still a bit boring despite all the build-up.

Candice Glover made Las Vegas last year and is back for another try. So we can expect her to get through to Hollywood. In a way, these are the auditions we could afford to miss, with more time given to the new people. This girl's fine and sings well but no Idol in my view, whatever Randy says about that being the 'best audition yet' and being 'what this show's all about'. I didn't get that, I'm afraid, and they're just setting her up for yet another disappointment at some stage.

Litttle girl comes on who catches bullfrogs. She's good - an older Diamond White character - and comes across well despite losing all of the potential voters who love animals. Missed her name completely and nothing on screen so maybe she doesn't get much further than Hollywood.

Brad Harris, however, does get his name on screen but is dreadful and a complete non-starter. This is so odd, and also a bit tedious now, so much time spent on no-hopers who aren't even particularly fun to watch. Crap.

Saritha gets the soppy back story and gloomy pictures and sad song in the background. Comes on stage with 3 year old daughter in a ridiculous bright pink tutu (but denim waistcoat) and most of the time is spent on giving Nicki a teddy bear. Good audition, though, natural talent and Fresh Prince Of Bel Air showed that off well. A slower number let her down a bit but deserves to get through -especially if she can stay in the first style she used.

Ryan takes time out from racing a Ford Mondeo to tell us that 37 made it through from Charlotte. It would have been nice to see a few more.