Thursday, 31 January 2013

San Antonio and Long Beach Auditions

A Tale of Two Cities

San Antonio, Texas | Long Beach, California

Now we should be seeing lots of big hats. Presumably Tate Stevens won't be auditioning. But no Country stuff at all. Must be a different part of Texas - or no candidates in Stetsons were interesting enough. Tonight we see another three who make the Top 40 - who do you think they'll be?

Vincent Powell looks like the guy who used to do Halifax Building Society adverts. He is getting on a bit but can sing well. He made Hollywood Week last year and looked a lot more than a year younger, blaming Randy supping on a cup of Coke for putting him off. I wonder how he'd manage a few thousand people doing something other than listening at a concert? He's got a nice attitude and is pleasant enough so we'll see more of him. Natural performer although I hope he doesn't use the same style for everything. He kinda looks a bit like Randy now I think about it.

Two brothers audition together. Badly. Really. They argue a lot and may have been better individually. I can imagine them being pains at school.

Sexy girl strolls on while the judges are still bemoaning the preceding guys. Unusual to see adjacent auditions - they're normally all over the place and totally re-ordered. Savannah Votion sings At Last which is a good audition song and she's through no trouble. The girls' category is already getting full, though, so she'll need to come out with something special next.

Rick Jo Garcia gets her name on the screen but no idea why.

Cristobel Clack is a name to remember. Special hair-do and heels for the audition. Nice audition of an Alicia Keys number. Good range and attitude and a nice performer. She has an interesting look about her and I can imagine the make-over team really enjoying working with her and totally transforming her.

Ann Difani sounds really good but could be a bit ordinary, especially when nice husband comes on stage and it all gets a bit too cute and 80s perfect-couple-like.

Victoria Acosta sings Big Boys Don't Cry and she beats the other two easily. Great audition. Even better when she sings in Spanish.

Papa Peaches thinks he's a big black woman trapped in a small white guy's body. He likes dancing and doesn't like doing covers. Quirky guy but good singer with star personality. Nicki loves him but Randy and Keith say no. Mariah gives him a small yes. Randy gets to break the deadlock and, with a major plea from Nicki, he gets through. He's one of those acts that will either bomb or do really well. Not liking to do covers could be a problem!

So far there's been no signs of the arguments between Nicki and Mariah, Mariah being particularly quiet and not exactly detailed in her comments. Keith is good and genuinely informative. Nicki is extraordinarily inciteful and inside the weird sentences are actually good comments.

Good-looking Sanni M'Mannauira (or something like that) sounds great and has a nice nature and movement. He does his interpretation of a Michael Jackson track and is bound to go through. Fresh, as Randy mentions. Good word for this young guy.

Adam Sanders does the beautiful I'd Rather Go Blind. He's nervous and a bit plump boyish-looking but, my goodness, he can sing. One of the best so far and he goes straight through. He did overdo the wailing a bit but I guess that can be forgiven at this point, just as long as he holds back a bit in Hollywood.

Totally different scene for Long Beach with the news programme announcing that auditions are causing jams on the roads. They're taking place on the Queen Mary ship.

Shubha Vedula sings just to the two guys with Mariah late and Nicki somewhere else. This girl's good, competent and shows clear confidence. I like this girl and think we'll be seeing a lot more of her - one of the best girls we've seen. Another name we'll remember too. She sounds like a star already. She seemed to know what she was doing so my guess is that she's pretty experienced in performing as that was so natural. What I did like, though, was her clear surprise and delight at getting through.

Brian Martinez is a let-down after that. Not sure why he's being shown, other than for the chat between the judges about why he was advised to come on. Seems someone heard in in the rest room. He looks pretty disappointed. Let's move on.

Matt Farmer gets the Iraq back story, little kid too in a pink dress. He does A Change Is Gonna Come. I'm not sure he did that well - a reasonable voice but he could get boring and don't think he'll get very far. They put him through but that'll be as far as he gets.

Stephanie Simpson is a pretty purple-haired girl. Comes on and just jumps around and shouts, quite annoyingly! Not at all sure what she is trying to do and just does a couple of shouting bits, breaks something on set and goes off giving finger signs to the cameras. Odd.

Jeseaiah Baer (I think) comes on and then there's a fire alarm (on a ship?!) which you wonder whether was something to do with the Purple Girl but apparently not from what I can gather. Once they all come back she does really well with a nicely different, slightly jazzy and different style that is appealing. She's one of the younger ones at 16 too, which we haven't had so many of so far. She's through. I like her.

Now there's a series of dumb acts and the producers get to play with ghost effects. Bit of a waste of time but not as bad as their previous efforts I suppose.

The next guy had his tonsils out and now has a speech problem but you get the impression that he's going to sing well. Micah Johnson sure doesn't disappoint us with some song about Chicken Fries which rhymes, of course, with mother's eyes and various other -ises. Nice guy and good telly.

Apparently that's the last for Long Beach but there's half an hour still to go so they must have forgotten to tell us where else we're going tonight.

Mariah fortunately has had some advice on her clothing and loses the previous ridiculously bad dress which succeeded only in making her frontage look even bigger than it seems to be anyway and impossible for anyone to look anywhere else but at her cleavage. Thank goodness for that. It is so strange how little sense some people who are rich enough to own complete ranges of fashion shops can be when choosing what to wear themselves. Nicki, although weird, does do weird in well-designed style.

Ah, Day 2 Long Beach. Fair enough. Hadn't thought of two days at the same place. Right, we kick off with Kimberley Rachel Hale who's pretty good, simply dressed but she's overdone the teeth whitening. Something good about this girl. She talks and talks. I can't quite figure her out but we'll see her again.

Breanna Oakley is 16 going on 26. She has the bullying back story. She was on Most Talented something or other in 2009 so you do have to wonder what she's been doing for the last 4 years. She has that very serious attitude that has probably come from so many people giving her advice and counselling and you almost expect her to come out with a load of educational or psychological jargon inherited from all those consultants that have been around her. For all that she certainly has talent and sings fabulously. A bit too perfect in a way. Obviously through to Hollywood. Good reviews from the judges but how will she cope at Hollywood, I wonder.

Mateus Fernadez is a little guy. Now that's the way to sing Change Is Gonna Come. Excellent. This fellow was really nervous but he got over that once he started singing. Through easily although he could find it tough at Hollywood.