Friday, 4 January 2013

Season 12 start in the UK on Thursday 17

On Channel 5* (which is a bit strange as that's just a tiny channel but at least it's on Freeview and not Sky subscription! Phew.

I have just found some pretty good rumours for the Top 40 (20 Boys and 20 Girls) from people who have seen the audition rounds so far. No Danielle Castleman after all. Maybe Randy just got her a contract there and then, or she bombed hopelessly at some stage.

Some interesting names there with a dozen or more from previous Seasons having another go - some very deservedly too. Check out the link above if you want to see these. I am working my way through videos that I can find but so far I haven't found anything worth promoting here. There is one Jessica Sanchez type girl who looks and sounds good and one Hollywood fall-out guy who could well make the Live Shows but I shall hold those back for a while yet.

I still don't understand why Jessica's Jump In hasn't been released as as single. Perhaps now that the Christmas Chaos of X Factor and Charity stuff has died away it will come out - January and February do tend to be dull months with some records lying around the charts for weeks.