Friday, 8 February 2013

Hollwood Week: The Boys Pt 2

They call this Solo Day so there's some chance that we might actually get some better idea of who can do what this time. We get told that there are just 43 left.

We meet Paul Jolley who seems pretty nervous. It looked like he was falling apart at the start but he produces a fabulous first paragraph from Blown Away.

Lazaro is back with The Edge. We don't get much more than the two words

Curtis Finch has been pretty professional all the way through and he gets a good amount of airtime for his take on Jar Of Hearts. Nice job.

All three are through and that, I presume, means they're in the Top 20 Boys. Lazaro may have TV appeal because of the stutter story and, yes, he may well get the public voting for him but the other two are the ones to watch so far, even from what little we saw of Paul and despite his 70s white trousers and the Sinatra white jacket that Curtis wore!

Devin Velez doesn't look the star but that was a cool version of What A Wonderful World. The song list is good this year - and these guys have been

Gurpreet Singh Sarin does Georgia very nicely. An odd guy for the Live Shows and not exactly an American Idol but he is coming across pretty consistently and is reliable. Can't see him doing the dancing around or the Abba round, though.

Cortez Shaw does a nice version of Sonny and should have finally won over Nicky who was pretty down on him last time round. Great choice of tracks again.

Matheus Fernandez tries hard with Stronger but seems off-key and may have blown it. Nice fellow but that could be as far as he gets. It is. The other three make it through, together with Adam (surname unknown) who is shown through but we didn't see him perform nor I am sure he does actually make the Top 20 so maybe there are further cuts?

This going too well. Something has to go wrong sooner or later. No breakdowns or apologies or forgotten words. Remarkable. Thereagain, no-one has really grabbed me yet either, personaility-wise. I ahve been impressed with Nicky's very good comments, usually to get candidates thinking straight and having no time at this point for wet stuff. Good for her.

Nicholas Mathis is a big black huy - even bigger than Curtis - and does Your Sex Takes Me To Paradise or whatever it's actually called. Not bad but it wasn't as good and there ain't room for the two of them. They're similar but Curtis was better.

Papa Peaches rather ruins You And I. I have no idea what he's trying to do and Nicky accuses him of being complacent.

Jimmy Smith, in contrast, chooses a great track for him and that produces the goods nicely. He's competition for Paul Jolley. Johnny Keyser and Vince Powell join those two in going through. Nicholas is upset.

Nick Boddington. We haven't seen much of him at all. He's an odd looking fellow but he has one of the best voices. He actually looks a lot better this year without the strange glasses I remember. No idea what teh Stars song was but he produced it well and played well too. Good job. He deserves a place this time.

Charlie Askew is an oddball. James May hair. He does the intro to the Gotye Someone I Used To Know. Perfect! A genuine performance. Nice quirky style and even though he's odder than many of the rest, and less likely to look the part than Bodders, that style could see him go some distance. Loved that very smart intro to the track!

Mathanee Treco and Jada were kept off our screens (again!) so they're either so good they want to hold back on us or not likely to play a significant part. They're through, though, so we'll just have to wait and see.

Burnell Taylor nice job and Marvin Calderton competent are both through with yet more Jars Of Hears.

Micah Johnson is the one who sings well but speaks funnily. I Told You So suited his husky sound but i wasn't that convinced. He doesn't make it but takes it well.

Then the guys 'through' get called back in. There's 28 of them. Ah. That means another 8 still to go.