Thursday, 14 February 2013

Hollywood: The Girls Pt 1

Everyone's been saying that the girls are much stronger this year so this should be interesting. The fact that few of the boys have made a big impact may be witness to that but who knows what will really happen once they get down to the best 5 in each category? For now we're deciding the Top 40 - and 20 of tonight's girls will move forward.

This is another of the dreaded 'group' days. Well, it will after the acapella bit when there's a need to get rid of a few.

Angela Miller introduces herself as The Next American Idol. That put me off a bit but she is good and I hope she gets through and settles down so that she doesn't need to do the intro bit again. We also see Mariah and Victoria but neither were that impressive. Luckily we don't get too much coverage of those not making it. I guess there are so many that we also won't even get that good a look at those that do either.

Two Country girls. Rachel Hale has an accent you'll remember and either love or hate. Definitely talented but I wouldn't want to listen to her for long the way she was singing in the acapella round. In contrast, Janelle was much more pleasant. They should both go through a bit further and they do. Glimpses only of loads more. A lot of talk in the background about Candice Glover. She does the usual stuff that girls like Candice Glover do. Megan Miller is far more interesting but it's Candice that gets through. So far there has, thankfully, not been many of the big gospel crowd on screen. I feel that genre's time has been and gone now. The girl's solid and clearly experienced but I want something just a little different. Not that 'different' wins, though. Remember the big Country vote, folks - they'll be voting Rachel.

Isabelle has been one of my favourites and did a beautiful version of Summertime. Not sure what her surname is but I guess we'll find out eventually. She is perhaps the first real stand-out for me. Kez Ban is getting plenty of screen time - she's the masculine one who has a natural carefree talent - and moves forward with what we're told are another 72! It is so difficult to judge anyone really from just a line or two and with so many just shown as through there's little to compare each of them with.

OK. It's group time now. If I were them the one bit I would ditch the choreography and just get the tune and words right. Who cares whether they can dance? It seems to cause a lot of stress for no good reason. Anyway, there are plenty of problems with Kez Ban who really is a pain for the others to deal with and it's a credit to them that they stayed cool. The odd Zoanette Johnson seems to be having trouble with the group choice of Knock On Wood but I have a suspicion that she'll pull something out of the hat later.

Melinda, Ameni, Candice and a couple of others put on a good show to start off with.

Brandy Hotard led and stood out in the second group we see who also all get through.

The third lot were not too bright, with just someone called Dayja getting through. Savannah had worked pretty hard to get them organised but gets cut and isn't so happy. Yes, she seemed the more confident on stage but she looked a bit harsh and older than an Idol might be expected to which may not be a good reason for cutting her but she wasn't that brilliant anyway. I don't see the one that did go through getting much further.

Next Kriss, Janel Stanley, Cristabel Clack and a fourth whose name I missed surprisingly get through. Nicki describes them as the best audition by a group who forgot their words and rescues Janel from what seemed certain cutting to the surprise of virtually everyone, especially Keith and Mariah.

Next Sumedha, Sarina, Aubrey Cleland and Shubha.  Sumedha and Sarina are pretty useless. The other two clearly lead the way. Now this is odd as I thought Aubrey was easily the one who sang well and looked good with a certain something that is needed in this competition. But it looked as though only Shubha gets through, however, which doesn't tie with the rumours I've heard either. Maybe there will be some second chances?

Jett, Seretha, Tenna and Kiara. Seretha doesn't make it but the other three do. Kiara must be relieved as that was pretty bad and Nicky makes her view clear that she would have not have given her another chance.

Now it's the Zoanette Johnson group. She's with Erin and Lauren who were a bit weak and another Country girl (who?) They had finally managed to work out something for Knock On Wood which wasn't exactly inspiring but enough to get the big Z and Erin through. Z had a terrible hairstyle and I am beginning to think that she's going to be there just for the tv ratings, I would have dropped her by now as, whilst she's reasonable, she is way over the top,

Courtney, Alicia Dixon, Liz Shira Courtney and Liz were OK. Alicia, despite being Colton Dixon's sister, is cut and that song didn't suit her anyway. Shira comes back for some feedback. She doesn't look attractive and can hardly question all four judges who quite politely said she was useless. That was a bad audition and the only one getting through was Liz Bills, a music teacher, who seems to have done her own thing which may have been just as well with the three she was accompanying. Courtney may have been worth another try but no great loss.

Last minute morning change by some nice mannered girls Stephanie, Alex, Kalli and Holly Miller. I liked Stephanie and Kalli but it was Holly who joined Stephanie to go through.

Haley, Kree, Brittnee and Brandy did a pretty good job despite not sleeping or rehearsing much. Haley, Kree and Britnee get through. Haley was quite a surprise after getting a big telling off from Nicky who clearly was not impressed that she had gone to bed at 2:30am while the others stayed up all night. Personally, I would prefer to get some sleep and perform reasonably awake than attempt to impress without any sleep but the hand writing thing was silly. Either learn the words or make something up. Brandy Neale was the one sent home and she took that in really good humour - an attitude that many others might learn from.

Kez Ban has been quite annoying. Breanna Steer Angela Miller Janelle Arthur were all fabulous, Janelle particularly - now beginning to be my favourite. Kez Ban did behave in the end and they all get through more easily than any others so far. With the possible exception of Candice I suppose. Angela Miller is another contender that's emerging too and I think we see her doing something exceptional in the next section to be screened tomorrow.

I think the awkward stages for commentary are over now. The next show should resolve all the Top 20 Boys and Girls. I would like to know what happens to Aubrey Cleland and I really don't recall seeing Adriano Latonio and Amber Holcomb who are supposed to be doing well but why aren't we seeing them? Odd. Unless they were two of the ones I missed tonight. Watch carefully tomorrow. All should be revealed.