Friday, 15 February 2013

Hollywood: Tough decisions but some clear leaders emerge as the Top 40 is decided. I think.

Angela Miller
With an original song this girl sets the standard for the others to meet. A brilliant original song sung marvellously well. Randy rabbited on all the way through.

Candice Gover
Good strong and she's confident performer but is she anything we haven't seen before? I don't know. Clearly a favourite with Randy but she was pitchy in places but no-one said anything.

Janelle Arthur
Very safe and traditional but lovely and she comes across with such a nice personaility that the voters ought to love.

Zoanette Johnson
Oh boy. She's on the drums. 20 years old? Good grief? This woman is bizarre, with some strange number she comes up with an invents as she goes. What an extraordinary performance! No way do I want to see her in the Live Shows but something tells me she'll keep going for the silly entertainment factor. Mad.

Jett Hermano (did we see her?)

They're all through.

Shubha Vedula
Experience shows. She knows what she's doing and does it well. Just not sure how the voters will take her.

Juliana Chahayed
Lovely tone and nature. We've hardly seen this girl at all so far and don't get much of a shot this time either.

Kez Ban
Her original song is not a good one, nor is the guitar work. Very short, a bit indulgent. Nicki is clearly not impressed and just delivers the end of journey line there and then. Kez exits nicely, though, appealing for a job on the show so all's well with the world.

Shubha and Juliana go through, although I didn't see it happen but presume it did. Strange editing in this programme.

Ashlee Feliciano
Not making a good impression and seems to annoy Randy. Even her remarkable final high notes were off.

Melinda Ademi
Straight on without any nonsense and delivers Price Tag excellently which made the judges happier which won't do her any harm at all.

Kree Harrison
She has managed to survive against all the odds as she hasn't exactly shone in the rounds so far, Randy even rejecting her at her first audition. This time she excelled and was in exactly her element, coming across really well, if not absolutely spot on the high notes. Serious but attractive girl. Nice job may have justified her being there. We gather that it has been Keith and Mariah that have recognised her talents and this time Nicki spoke up well for her so that should be good news for her and will have made her day.

Sure enough, Kree and Melinda are through with Lauren who we didn't see perform. Breanna and Serena join Ashlee in being cut. Cue a while wathcing Serena cry.

So it's down to 24 girls with another 4 more to go. Lauren, Holly, Arial get sent home at this really upsetting point. There's one more to go. Stephanie is the lovely girl with the big Dolly-blonde hair and big smile. She comes across brilliantly and sounds different to so many others that I'd love to see her survive. Shie is up against Rachel Hale, the very accomplished Country singer and she has Nicki backing her. Such a shame, as on that comparison I would have chosen Stephanie but she's sent home.

We could do with an official list as I have serious doubts about one or two, including Aubrey Cleland and Kamaria.

Now, back to the boys. they have several to get rid of. Adam Sanders is a cool, fun guy but he does wail. He acts very professionally, getting the band on key but the wailing is disappointing. I guess he was trying to impress.

Josh Holiday. First time I've seen him, I think. He's a good singer. Pity about the white jeans - wearing them, I mean, not splitting them as he did! Very professional-looking guy with one great voice.

Called out are Peter Garret, Marvyn, Devon Jones, Kenny Harrison, Will white, Tony Foster, David Leathers and Adam Sanders. That's it for those guys. Some pretty disappointed and David Leathers is cut at the same point as last time.

They're all off to Las Vegas with a live audience and the judges choosing, presumably, just 5 out of twenty. Boy, now that's going to be tricky!!