Friday, 1 February 2013

Oklahoma Wind Up The Auditions

More water. They're at The Devon Boat House in Oklahoma. That's where, as Ryan reminds us, Carrie Underwood arrived to audition.

Carl Skinner looks like something out of a cartoon. I think he's wearing flares! He can sing, though, and play, and as well as an energetic version of I Feel Good he sang with a guitar something he'd written. The dancing was rubbish but he's OK and through. I don't see him making the big time but he'll have fun for a while.

Lots of clips of useless people then Ne Tao, both of whose parents are deaf. He did an OK audition, nice personality. No star Idol quality that I saw but he gets a shot in Hollywood.

Haley and Oscar next. Ha ha! Haley's a ventriloquist. Oscar's a furry something or other. A duet? Oh boy. This might work on America's Got Talent. On her own, she's good, although up against some tough competition already. She'll get through to Hollywood. Oscar doesn't. Cue production team having fun with that! All good fun and Oklahoma does seem to have much more cheerful people auditioning than some places we've been. Must be something in the water.

The judges are all getting along fine too. Nicki's still out there but not as heavily as before and Mariah seems to be enjoying herself a lot more. She's not offering much by way of feedback compared to the others. Keith is up on all the technical stuff and recognises the genres perfectly, with a cool sense of humour as well. Randy is occasionally right on it but most of the time is like someone who has just woken up after a big meal. Nicki is way ahead when it comes to telling acts where it's at. Despite presenting the words in a unique way, she sure does get the message across and it's been spot on so far.

Zoanette Johnson is a big lady. She murders the National Anthem. And fashion - she looks as if the clothes are stuck on and stay where the glue sticks. That was awful. Amazing range, for all that. Weird person. Good grief, she's through. God help the others at Hollywood. I wonder if the judges know more about her than we see?

Anatacia Freeman is off-key. Why even show this? We could have had at least a third of three decent acts that do get through instead of this horrible noise. Go away, girl, please! Oh no, we get more.. she says God told her to audition. Cue another playtime by the production team who really are scraping the barrel with this one. At least they did add 'cheap dramatization' to the clip. God, what a waste of time.

Catum Richardson is really young. His story is certainly one of the saddest - with severe health trouble that may cut his life span to just 35 years or so. Great attitude and personality but I wasn't so impressed with his audition. I guess he deserved to get through but somewhere along the line he'll be cut and that'll be time for tears.

'Pepper' appears at the end. I'll admit that I didn't see Steven Tyler coming!

So that's it. Auditions done. If we've seen the winner I've missed it.

At Holywood they'll be cut down to just 40: 20 boys and 20 girls. My guess is that we haven't seen more than 10 from each category perform so we're very much still in the dark! No bets yet, unless you know something I don't.