Friday, 29 March 2013

The one where Kree gets the credit and Deven gets Lazaro'd

Janelle and Angie looking sultry in jeans and black tops. That'll help their Country votes! Now, by rights it should be Lazaro going home but we know he has all the girls' support out there so it should be between Burnell and Deven. I have a feeling, though, that one of the girls is going to be at the bottom of the list and also that the 'save' will be used,

The Top 8 sing-a-long emphasises the difference between the girls and three boys. It is still a bit sad and something they could usefully drop fairly soon, like next week.

Kree gets an endorsement from Aretha Franklin (arranged by Smokey Robinson). Quite a nice touch. Jimmy Iovine's summary tells it like it is and Candice, Janelle, Amber and Kree must share the top 4 positions this week, Angie's surprisingly bad performance putting her somewhat at risk. He seems to think that Deven and Burnell performed well in their individual rounds and would expect to see Lazaro going home. I still think we could be in for a surprise, with either Angie or poor Amber struggling for votes against Lazaro.

Colton Dixon has had a good year. I had to smile at the Ryan commentary announcing that his first album charted at #1 ... in the Christian Music and Gospel lists!! I would have been more than impressed with #43 on Billboard or US Top 100, or wherever he featured. Nice performance and another reminder of how rubbish this year's remaining boys are. I keep asking myself how it could have happened. Although he needed some work, I feel that Elijah could have brought something more modern to the show and, of course, Charlie Askew would have kept us entertained and, at least, had some star quality.

Candice and Kree, I think we can assume, are in for the long haul. Janelle will be safe this week but it'll be week by week for her from here with all the Kree love going on. Amber is lovely but i can see her just being ignored. Angie, talented as she most certainly is, may finish up as an older Carly Rose Sonenclar, on Broadway, getting rave reviews but not the Idol winner.

One Republic I Lose Myself Tonight - very smart performance with another (much further back contestant) Katherine McPhee joining them but not actually contributing as much as she might to the excitement. Still, a nice break.

Keith Urban gets a slot, too, in this busy show. He writes good Country rock numbers that flow along and have a good catch too. Nothing particularly memorable but preferable to listening to any of the boys again!

It must be time to get the votes. We only got the old-style Bottom 3 last week. Will we get the Top 3 and placings thereafter this week? No. Old style stuff again.

Candice -safe
Kree - safe
Janelle - safe
Angie - safe
Amber - my recording missed her announcement - it jumped to the Bottom three:
Burnell -he's safe
Lazaro - again, he scrapes through
Deven has the bottom position and, despite a pleasant ballad effort which Mariah loves, he isn't going to be this year's Idol and so I don't think he's worth the save. That would be better used should Lazaro put someone like Amber or Janelle in the danger zone (as I thought might have happened this week). For a moment I thought he'd got it but it wasn't to be.