Thursday, 18 April 2013

The one where 5 girls gave us 10 excellent tracks for a Divas album

So one thing is sure - the performances will be good. These are five talented girls. Whilst I don't see any setting the UK charts alight, one will be a worthy winner so the next few weeks should be easy going and without injustice or incident.

Ryan eventually quietens the crowd for long enough to recognise the Boston tragedy this week. To that, I guess he'll need to add Texas tomorrow. Bad times.

Candice's song from the year she was born is Paula Adbul's Straight Up. She brings quite a unique jazzy feel to this. She's good. This is just album track material but well presented for all that. In many ways she's done more with this than Paula ever did. Masterful start. Thanks to Janelle, interestingly, who suggested that track for her.

Janelle chooses a Vince Hill track - a good ol' Country number. Probably not the Vince Hill that I know (Edelweiss)  but a pleasant enough little track I suppose. She gets a lot of good reviews and it was nice to see her being complimented and smiling.

Kree performs a rather deeper track She Says She Talks To Angels and I can imagine that she'll get a lot of credit for this. It's a lot more modern and marketable than Janelle's number. Straight off the stage, every note in place and a very professional job indeed. She is still the favourite to win and this won't change that.

Angie does the lovely I'll Stand By You by The Pretenders. Quite a dramatic performance. Sitting at the piano, I felt she might have taken longer to build as there didn't seem to be any vulnerability which the song needs. Another good track. Another very good performance. Dedicating it to her home town, Boston, as she did, will have made an impact.

Amber goes last. She's the one I am most looking forward to hearing at this stage. You kind of know now what the others will do but it's difficult to pigeon-hole this girl. Oh boy, she's doing Without You. Mariah made that her own after Nilsson. That's a difficult song. Fabulous! She deserved all the praise she got for that. Really good and she looked good while she sings too.

It's Divas night and Candice hits two targets - Mariah and Whitney Houston - with her track. When You Believe is a bit of a drag, however nicely it's sung. You tend to pay more attention to the gorgeous purple colour produced by the lighting people. Randy worships this girl, as does Mariah. Nicky is full of praise too and, despite Kree having that favourite spot, Candice is looking like a winner too. That was impressive, not something I'd buy but an awful lot of people would.

Janelle has a Dolly Parton song. Dumb Blonde. I haven't heard this. It's fun and she gave it a strong performance and enjoyed what she was doing. Not my choice of track to keep her in the competition, though. Looks like she can choose for other contestants better than she can for herself.

Kree.  Celine Dion. Yup. That makes a lot of sense. Another very accurate and pleasant performance. No mistakes, beautifully interpreted but just a little boring. It suited her well. Another good album track.

Angie is doing Halo, a great song by Beyonce. What a great track and a superb performance. To me that was the best of the night and established her back in the running, so far with Kree and Candice getting reined in a little. That was excellent, exactly what was needed and this girl was spot-on and far more exciting than anyone else has been.

Amber has a Barbra Streisand track. That may steal the night back again for her (she was just leading in Round 1) and she is on determined form too, with perfect dress choices. This was a wonderfully emotive and clever interpretation of a track that must have been so difficult to do, let alone do that well. Stunning stuff.

I guess it will be Janelle finishing 5th tomorrow. Just slightly behind the others. I give the night to Angie and Amber.