Friday, 12 April 2013

The one where justice is done - at last.

Tonight six become five. There is an outside chance that the lowest in the poll is one of the judges' favourites and gets saved so six could theoretically remain six but I reckon someone's going.

After all the praise and compliments heaped on Candice, and to a lesser but still significant extent, on Amber, Kree and Angie, it simply has to be between Janelle and the hapless Lazaro tonight and hopefully performances from Kelly Clarkson and Scotty will keep our minds off what could be a very wrong outcome.

First, it's sing-a-long time. The girls are all so damn good that this is easy and genuinely reasonable to listen to. Until Lazaro starts, that is. Oh dear, this is all so cringe-worthy. Candice and Amber to the rescue. They don't blend so well at the start but later they do start working well together and put on an excellent show. Janelle I still find has a remarkably clear voice that grabs your attention and I have yet to see why Kree has gained such an advantage over her. I can only guess that there is a difference between studio acoustics experienced by the judges and the recorded show that I see. Or perhaps there is some Janelle back history that they know and we don't!

Jimmy summarises Kree, Angie and Lazaro's performances. He places Lazaro 10th. Out of 6!

Scotty McCreery returns with some good ol' Country number that was probably a big hit but passed most of us by on this side of the Pond.

In some bizarre move meant to make us wonder who goes where tonight, Ryan had placed Angie, Lazaro and Kree, last week's Top 3 (yes, I know how ridiculous that sounds now) in separate spots across the stage. Presumably representing middle two, bottom two and top two respectively. Next we'll get Amber, Janelle and Candice placed similarly. Whether the Top 2 or 3 are identified, I think we can assume that, however the producers spin this out, it's between Janelle and Lazaro. Heavens, surely not Janelle and Amber? Whichever way it's all presented, I still fear for Janelle and I am not sure the judges will save her either. They really should - in view of this being the last time they can use it and so future evictions would be purely by the public and thus not actually giving them anything much to be criticised for.

I wrote all this in what seemed an interminably long ad break between Scotty and Kelly. I wonder of the girls are still spread out over the stage?

Yes. They are.

Hmmm, she joins Angie. That wasn't where I expected her to go. Now, Candice is not going anywhere so whoever she's place with is safe too. So who's the lucky person? Kree. OK, some sense. that would put Amber with Lazaro. Worrying. Jimmy says he doesn't understand why America doesn't get her? Is he giving something away there?

I was right about the splits - just got the mix wrong. Let's assume Kree and Candice are #1 and #2. Amber #3 and Lazaro #4 is all too possible with #5 Angie and #6 Janelle. But Jimmy's comment may mean #5 Lazaro and #6 Amber with Janelle finding some welcome extra support after all. They'll save Amber if that's the case.

Kelly has some great people writing her songs these days. She actually sounds so much more modern and 'today' than this year's contestants! And Scotty, and last year's winner for that matter. We see Mariah standing up for possibly the first time ever as she chats with Ryan and Kelly. Everyone seems to have forgotten the two girls who are working out that they may have been stuffed by Lazaro sympathy votes. I said last week there'd be a riot. No, there won't. It'll just be embarrassingly quiet.  A bit of outrage. Someone will say She wouldn't have won anyway. 

Kree and Candice, 1 and 2
Now the big news
Lazaro and Amber are the bottom 2!
Angie and Janelle 3 and 4

Yes!!!! Amber is, indeed, safe. Lazaro has to sing. I don't care what he does, he's gone. He had a good run but bye bye and at last a proper outcome.