Friday, 26 April 2013

The one where nothing really happens at all.

The judges enter and I wonder whether Mariah is wearing a dress that will enable her to stand up from time to time. You would have thought that, as one of the richest stars in the world, she would have a wardrobe that suits the role which might actually occasionally require her to stand up.

Ryan Seacrest reminds us once again that there is a shocking development. "It will turn the contest up-side down", apparently. What - are they bringing everyone back again? Does Charlie stand a chance after all? No. I have no idea but doubt if it will be quite as dramatic as he makes out.

The group sing-a-long is an Adele track Girl On Fire which is good. Candice really is not at her best and Amber struggles to decide which note she should start on. Having said that, she did find it reasonably quickly but we probably didn't notice as her legs were once more on display and I swear they're getting longer.

Ryan does the summary of last night's performances. Amber first, with Jimmy's criticism of MacArthur Park  once ringing out and Ryan refers to finding out her 'fate' later. Sounds like she may be going.

Kree doesn't fare a great deal better in Jimmy's summary.

Stefano returns to the Idol stage after a couple of years' away (Season 10). Nice guy and working hard to break through. I can't remember exactly when he left but he must have managed an 8th or 7th position which is still a credible finish for anyone and should encourage all those who have had to leave so far. Winning this thing really isn't that big a deal. You get all the admiration for a while, and plenty of publicity and a guaranteed contract. However, the good ones will also get contracts and some record companies can do a better job promoting their people than the winner's! If someone's got star quality and their agents do their job well, some great songs get written and plugged then we'll know about them for sure. Stefano tends to come and go. I can't see him breaking into the UK market with that material but wish him good luck anyway and you can tell he's having a good time anyway.

Candice gets the same scrutiny and we get to see Jimmy getting excited, Her song was by this guy called Drake and she gets a recorded message from him. And then he appears and that's another few moments taken care of. Nice touch, Arranged by Nicky Minaj.

Next Lee Dewyze, winner of Season 9 in 2010, next with his single from a new album. He is an example of someone who hasn't exactly been prominent since winning. Indeed, I doubt whether many outside the States will know who is is. It's a decent performance and he can write good stuff. I still don't think we'll get to hear or see a great deal more about him, though. And he won the damn show!

Eventually they'll get round to Angie Miller, who everyone, I predict, will say how wonderful she was and how, of course, she is 'safe' and through to the Finale, Final or whatever. i still wonder whether they'll not put all of them through.

OK. Ad break over. Angie's on. She gets great reviews. Here's why:

Two pairs on the stage. Amber and Candice, Angie and Kree. Amber and Candice are the bottom two and Kree and Angie go through.

Ryan starts: The person leaving tonight is... no-one! The votes will continue through to next week and a fresh total calculated so that's good news for Angie and Kree who start off with the highest count. So, pretty much as I'd expected, the 4 continue. And I think that's fair, too. No-one deserves to go home. My guess is that the judges simply made it clear that whoever was declared bottom would be saved.

So that's that. A rather uninspiring show that isn't one people will be rushing to view again on YouTube.