Friday, 19 April 2013

The one where we hear more from Seasons 2 and 3 artists than 12

So this is the one where a girl finally gets sent home. All the expectations are that it will be Janelle or, possibly, Amber. I would prefer both to stay and would put Kree in 5th place but I know that is very unlikely to happen as she is predicted to win this.

An annoying sing-a-long but at least it's in tune. Well, just, as this not the sort of stuff any of them should be doing. Like Phillip Phillips doing a Cliff Richard number. It's a medley of Donna Summers tracks so ends with She Works Hard For The Money which only Amber and Kree seemed comfortable with, the others looking as if they were hoping their parents weren't paying too much attention to the lyrics.

Ryan pulls Angie out. My guess is that she's 'safe', i.e. top three. No comment. He pulls Candice out. She has to be safe. No question about that. 'Really smart', says Jimmy, about Candice, more cautious about Angie. Paula appears looking as attractive as ever and memories of her on the panel flood back. It's strange to recall that she was there with Simon Cowell when Carrie Underwood soared to victory. And, of course, the first X Factor USA days when she was managing the groups and lost them a bit too quickly.

It looks as though they'll drag the votes out - there's an hour to fill and they dig out Clay Aitken, Season 2's runner-up, who warbles through Bridge Over Troubled Water and looks even stranger than he did 10 years ago. Any of the five girls would have embarrassed him had they had a go at that.

Janelle gets the summary. She gets a note of support from Dolly Parton.

Amber gets her summary. Jimmy thinks she was so brave to approach both the near impossible Mariah Barbra tracks and shouldn't be left in the bottom two as she seems to have been so often. I'm surprised she hasn't appealed too and would have now had her as the front runner.

Kree is last to get reviewed. This is really quite a repeat of last night and feels like they really are stretching out this show tonight. Jimmy was not so impressed but it may not make any difference,

Going back in time to the third Season, Fantasia returns to promote her new single. First, though, Latoya London who came 4th or 5th, I think, gets a pile of time for no particular reason. Fantasia put on a tremendous show and showed everyone how she'd deserved that win all those years ago, setting a standard for this year's girls to meet. To Win Again is one fine song and that helps.

First safe is Candice. And Angie. And Amber. Excellent! Kree is 4th and Janelle is fifth to go.

She sings You Keep Me Hanging On as a 'save me' song and it's a lovely rendition. It would be nice if the judges kept her in - they've nothing to lose really - but I don't see that happening. So she goes and now there are just four. The loss of support for Kree is interesting. It is getting more unpredictable now.