Friday, 17 May 2013

The Finale: And then Candice sang I Who Have Nothing.

It's Kree v Candice. In the introduction they both seem surprised to be here - I am sure that each expected Angie to have taken their place but here they really are. Candice makes the comment that tonight is it - I either win or go home. Er, no, I don't think so! Runners-up often do as well if not better than winners, Candice! Remember someone called Adam Lambert? Uh huh. And who came 1st that year? No, nor can I.

So back to tonight. Kree starts with Angel. It's an ideally-suited country song that Kree just flowed through beautifully. That was a very believable performance. Not exciting or particularly different - just top quality and exactly what you'd expect to hear from her at concerts or on her album.

Candice does Chasing Pavements. Now this was a disappointing and unchallenging track for Candice. She made no mistakes but that didn't inspire me either. I kept thinking how other contestants could have done that or entertained, inspired us more than that.

Round 1 to Kree, whatever the judges may say.

Carly Rae Jepson is on stage next. Now she is 2013 and makes the two finalists seem quite 1993. A nice performance of her new single about her boyfriend taking pictures of her taking pictures of him. She's cute and her long legs seem extremely long for such a short girl which has nothing to do with singing but you just can't help noticing on a generally covered-up night for Kree and Candice. What I did admire, too, was the lack of false tan - she was distinctly pale and natural which added to her youthful appeal on a slightly 'older-style' evening.

Kree again and All Cried Out is the single to be released if she wins. A good one for her. It sounds very familiar and I can see it doing well across the charts. Hers is an understated but totally believable and honest performance that I like. It will appeal to the huge Country audience.

Candice's single is, I think, called I Am Beautiful - a more demanding track to listen too and, to be honest, quite tedious. Candice sings well enough but, no matter how much she puts in to this, it will remain a boring song that needs re-writing and has too many ohs.

That's two rather underwhelming tracks from Candice - sad, as she deserves better tracks.

Round 2 to Kree too.

The third performance is one of their favourites from the series and Kree starts with one that I think is called I Love You. She looks good in red and has the demaeanour of someone wh is expecting to win. Very confident and this is  marvellously controlled and an excellent performance. Much too short, though. I wanted that to continue. The song of the night so far.

And then Candice sings I Who Have Nothing. Well, until now it was Kree's night and I was writing the next post to congratulate her and wonder out loud whether anyone in the UK would ever hear of her again. And then Candice sings I Who Have Nothing.  Wow. That was superb. I wuld give her the title now for that performance alone. Brilliant. That was genuinely emotional and could be game-changing if the vote lines were not yet open. Kree may have easily won the first two rounds but that was what an American Idol should sound like and that, for me, was the song of the night and, possibly, the whole damn series.

So, it's down to the American voters now, who I seldom agree with, mainly because there are so many of them living in huge expanses of Country country and distorting the figures. That may well mean that Kree walks away with the title but... but Kree has not excelled this year and has been in the lower band of votes in the past. So Candice has a chance still.

We'll find out soon enough.