Friday, 3 May 2013

The one where we see Constantine again

Top 3 decided tonight., David Cook and Harry Connick Jnr perform.

Only Angie and Amber looked comfortable doing Beyonce's Crazy In Love, not that that matters much really. The producers do like the sing-a-longs. The difference between Top 3 and 4 is that whoever goes 'home' doesn't get the 'homecoming' nonsense next week. They miss out on being filmed being carted around amongst screaming locals and being awarded various honours by strange, and usually shouting, local dignitaries that no-one would have heard of before. We have to sit through all that stuff next week. I guess it must be pretty special for the contestants but coming 4th still seems pretty reasonable o me and I am also sure that if someone hired a nice smart car for them and drove them through town and booked the local ball park it would fill up for the 4th place person in a matter of hours. So she could still have something pretty close to a home-coming after all.

Jimmy gets to air his views as they review the eight performances. He says that Angie had the opportunity to 'shut down the whole competition' but didn't chose songs that enabled her to take it. He had Amber sounding karaoke and he was right listening to the replay. Funny Valentine was 'magnificent'. Was that enough to pull her from 4th (where we all assume she was last week)? Candice he puts on top with both tracks which could well mean farewell Amber. Jimmy's not sure about Kree, though. So... nothing is set in stone at this point at all.

David Cook won in Season 7. A great performer, with his line in currently popular emotional rock and roll, with a couple of successful albums but nothing has caught on over here yet. This new track is a bit tedious - all well-intended stuff and some commercial bits here and there but just a bit too many oh wo oh wos for my taste. He was one of the few I have actually correctly predicted as winning. I always seem to get the runner-up. now shows people just what putting on a show is all about and this is a 21st Century track with a 30s feel and a touch of The Black and White Minstrel Show for good measure! Nice job. He's rushing back and forth a fair bit and will be on the Voice UK tomorrow. You have to wonder which of the four girls would be likely to give that sort of wild and modern original performance at some point in time.

I suppose Harry Connick Jnr's song was very well written and performed and it's difficult to criticise someone as expert as this guy but the backing seemed to be interfering at every junction and totally wrong for the track. It made a song with too many lyrics and song with too many lyrics and too many other things going on too. When he got up and started walking around that was almost too much to take in. Nice guy, though, with a great, instant sense of humour.

That's the entertainment done and dusted so next it's the vote results. Well, all we'll get told after whatever device Ryan is told to use to stretch it out at least to another ad break will be that Amber is in 4th place, probably...

Yes. Sad to see her go and she really shouldn't have attempted the farewell song but we'll remember her for the past great performances. And her legs.