Sunday, 9 February 2014

Atlanta and Georgia Idol auditions find nine acts who'll make the Top 30.

Majesty Rose. Wow, straight in, no messing around and this girl is wonderful. Great control and nice rendering of the Coldplay song. Looks cute, sounds pretty - she will do well in this competition.

Jesse Cline is a gas station attendant. He drove all night. H Doubt if he'll do that song, though. He has a style of his own, doing a country-rock number and impresses the panel just like that. He's not your classic 'obvious star' but neither was Phillip Phillips.

A girl with pink hair comes and goes. Now we have the first big cowboy hat. And a dog. Why the dog? No idea. The panel like him. Chris Medina. I wasn't sure why. Oh well.

Kristen O'Connor is someone who you can just tell wants to do this and make it work. You wonder whether she might be trying too hard but she's good.

Emily Piriz is much cooler an I prefer her at the outset. I guess they'll both be through and we'll see what happens from there. They're difficult to put in boxes at this stage - but they don't really compare to the first girl.

Ben Briley is a good ol' Country boy with a ballad as an audition, slightly Country-style. It's an odd song to audition with but he has lots of passion and something that seems to come across. He isn't much to look at and doesn't strike you as an artist but the panel sure liked his tone. He has a guitar too.

Nica Nashea does quite a bit of the screechy stuff with Natural Woman. Another impressive audition, despite that and the panel really like her too. they are liking a lot of people. Or perhaps the producers are showing is the good acts only. So much better than X Factor's inclusion of so many rubbish acts although, to be fair to them, they have shown substantially fewer in the most recent series.

Jordan Brisbane is just 15 and does fairly good things with the Bruno Mars number. He tends to belt things out and needn't and Harry gets it dead right in telling him that audiences will love him but he could sing a lot better. They give him a chance at Hollywood, though, and maybe he'll stop yelling at us and move on.

Sam comes on next, having been at a Phillip Phillips concert a few nights earlier. He does a crazy I Want To Be Like You for audition which Jennifer loves and Keith likes so he's through but Harry doesn't think he'll last and thinks he has a speech impediment.

Jesse Meuse is very cool indeed. I like her. She writes her own songs and plays one on tonight's show. It's excellent too. Here is someone I do hope survives for a while yet. She's a must through to Hollywood. After that we'll have to see.

Lauren Ogburn is a real blonde Country singing girl. I didn't think she had much going for her but we haven't had many in her style so she'll survive at least to the next round.

Neco Starr and Caleb Johnson were both well in a couple of seasons ago, making the last few. Keith is still not impressed with Neco who seems to be trying a bit too hard but he gets through. Caleb gets all three on his side with a heavy rocking ballad but I can't see him getting any further than he has in the past. I guess that they are both on a par with many who have been put through but neither is anywhere close to being the winner.

Bria Anai is very naturally talented. She looks good but is relaxed and her personality shines. One of the best to get through. A really nice audition on all levels.

Another 44 through. 163 so far through to Hollywood. That's a lot.