Saturday, 8 February 2014

Doing it for Detroit and Michegan

As the introduction shows us, there really are masses of people auditioning, and unlike X Factor, they all seem pretty young.

Carrie LeRoche is a lovely girl who starts the show. Like many more on this show this year she has a guitar! Radioactive sounds good to me and she has an earthiness that''s natural. then she gets a second song I'd Rather Go Blind is another track I love and she is straight through. It'd be nice to see more of her but so many are getting through, who knows.

Julian Miller next is OK. A bit samey, not much variation in his delivery but he knows what he's doing and is young. he also has a guitar.

Olivia Diamond belts out something and is through. Paris Primereau has very pink hair and does a nice version of House of The Rising Sun. Both have star names already and we'll see them again.

Malaya Watson is just 15 but comes out with bags of passion. Although songs about a woman's duty just doesn't sound right from someone like her. Great singer and she'll be on future shows.

Bryan Watt is a nice enough fellow and sings OK but I don't see him getting far. All been heard before, really, but he has a lovely tone at the low end. He has a guitar too.

Nice-looking Khristian D'Avis has Sicilian parents. So they were very brave not putting her through. Really attractive but not good enough vocally. Jennifer gives her a chance after all. That was not what I'd expected. Maybe they got a call from her uncle. Keith stays unimpressed but Harry gives her that extra vote she needs. There is something about that girl that I like but I rather suspect that that will be all we see of her.

Jena Ascuttio deosn't have a guitar. She does an Adele number but is good for all that. Good pitch and nice personality. The judges really liked her and sent her straight through to Hollywood.

Melanie Forrest plays a nice guitar well. Jennifer says she should be making records and they clearly like her a lot. They still get her to do two tracks and she follows Fever with a Bon Jovi track!

While Jennifer takes a break, Harry is really entertaining and does an 'audition' with Keith as the panel. Hilarious! I like this series so far. No sure about the talent

Next up is a chap with very blue trousers. He also has a shirt that has some text on the front near his navel which he wears with a grey tie that's too long. He is a little over-weight and wears glasses. So singing a ballad and admiring Harry seems reasonable and his singing itself isn't terrible but really he is no Idol competitor. They try to tell him that but he gets a bit angry, holds onto it, though. Mum and dad are outside to take him home. Odd.

Jade Nathan is pretty and stylish and totally naturally good. They put her straight through with a snippet of an Amy Winehouse number.

Sarah Schero is nice and sings well. So many good-looking females in this edition. Many are Italian.

Sydney Afterbridge sings Lovin' You. She hits the top note just as well as Minnie Ripperton used to. She had to get through after that but I am not so sure she'll get much further.

Maurice Townsend is a Minister of Music! At his local church, not in Parliament. He has four children and, at 26, I think he is at the top end of eligibility for this. He is good, even though the song is a bit boring. He has to be through - lots of talent there.

David Willis is very good and confident. he was cut last year at the Vegas round so he did pretty well. Definitely has to get another chance this year.

Twins Carlita and Rakita are a bit off-key and can't manage without a backing track. Quite painful listening to them. Maybe they thought they sounded better at home when practising.

Brandy Neely is back again. She sounds pretty good, great notes and lots of emotion. Good song choice. They'll give her another chance. She has had two already. Maybe this time she'll get a bit further.

Ethan Harris comes in with a lovely drawing of Keith that he had done himself. He gets Keith to autograph it and that'll be worth a fortune. They call him the sixth Osmond - Ronnie Osmond!! Eventually he starts singing and does a Keith Urban number and does it really well. Nice guy and a bit different to all the others. I can't put him in a pigeonhole but he is definitely someone I would like to see succeed. One to watch.

Leah Guerrero is very positive and a determined type. Symphony Howlett is a bit straight but tries hard. These two and a guy whose name wasn't shown get through - just.

Ayla Stockhouse has a natural enthusiasm and nice personality. She comes from Detroit and feels the sense of music history there so doing Little Mix's Wings was not what I'd expected. She is good and wows the judges, getting through very easily. They see great things for her.

Eric Gordon is a good singer but looks a bit strange, with his combed up hair which the boys joke about. He is a bit out-of-date in some ways but they'll probably put him through anyway. They do. I don't see much more for him though, to be honest.

Man with a beard tries CCR's excellent Have You Ever Seen The Rain but isn't very good. He wants another chance and I wonder if they'll

Ryan Nesbitt has hair up too. In The Arms Of An Angel has some passion and silences the judges although he looks quite strange singing it. He is unique. They love him. He had a cold but didn't moan about it. They really do take to him and say he'll go all the way. I am not so sure but he's off to a good start, at least.

There's a really long intro for Marialle Sellars. She's the girl at the start of this series that we wondered about. Gosh, it goes on and on. She does Bruno Mars Grenade really well. There is something confident and competent about her. At 17 she's very professional. Definitely one we'll see a lot more of.

40 new Hollywood tickets issued so far. 119 so far.