Sunday, 23 February 2014

Hollywood: the hardest day

This was a crazy programme. We do get to see a few complete group performances but they were all pretty crap - decent efforts over the preceding 24 hours by some but others would have been better just having some sleep.

As usual, there are some real pains but none match the helicopter mother. Although her daughter, Stephanie I think, sounded pretty good to me, it somehow seemed right that she did get sent home. The mother was awful, embarrassingly so.

No surprises tonight in who goes on and who goes home and we're told that they will be 77 singing solos next. That should be the end of Hollywood and we'll be told who makes the final 30-ish.

This group round business is not good viewing and I am not totally convinced that it tells us that much about the individuals either as some are far better organised than others, some performing very comfortably with people they had become friends with and who clearly liked each other. Others had almost no time to rehearse after being messed around or messing others around themselves and the who thing just strikes me as unreasonable.