Saturday, 22 February 2014

Hollywood Round 1

This is always an awkward round. This year the producers made it even more awkward by making quite a few sing for their supper. As soon as they'd arrived at a big warehouse type place, this group was asked to perform. They were mostly ones that maybe shouldn't be there anyway but also quite a lot that hadn't made three yesses - and I am sure they were all Harry's rejects!

I remember quite a few of them and eventually they whittle however many there were to 52 and they're put on two buses. One goes to the airport, the other to the hotel. It's all a bit strange and my guess is that most had figured out which bus they were on along the way by looking around at who was with them. It was a tearful journey for some and not the best viewing in the world, a dark and dismal bus interior at night.

Next day there are lines of several candidates on a stage and some get the step forward, step back treatment and there are some very impressive acts we shall get to see fight again. So far, I haven't spotted anyone wonderful being sent away but it is pretty early days still.

One or two acts seemed to get to sing on their own. Not quite sure how they got to do that but they seem to get through anyway.

104 left.

Tomorrow is 'Group Day'. Oh dear. First they have to find a group. This is mad and slightly depressing. Some were already organised and get to see the vocal coaches quickly and move forward with some advice. Others either are inexperienced at working with others or wanting to control everyone and things go wrong at both levels - people who can't help or understand less confident ones and those who just can't push themselves at all and get walked over. We see some pretty selfish people and some odd personalities as well some reasonable people having trouble for no reason at all.

I suppose the judges have, to some extent, decided that certain people are through anyway so, unless someone does something crazily bad, they'll stay regardless. We saw that last year. It's a round that I have heard justified in terms of people have to show they can cope with pressure and communicate, work with others etc. time and again but I still doubt its importance in this competition and think it was put there as 'good tv' but now, 13 series in, I think it's time to drop it.