Monday, 3 February 2014

More Worship Leaders Get Through.

Like audition week 1 we get straight in with an audition as a sort of intro and then it broadens out and we see a selection of names and people and a rather over-prepared thing where everyone has a placard and when turned they show the Idol logo. A ot of effort went into that but I'm not entirely sure it was worth it.

First up properly is Jesse. She's got a guitar like so many others. She is very good. Rough and ready looking, Too many tattoos but she has some talent alright. It seems some woman heard her in the garage and paid for everything for the first audition for her.

Stephen and Ryan and a blonde singing Wrecking Ball get through. We get about one bar from each.

Jamiah is a cute boy who sings some track he wrote himself. Looks about 12. Quiandra is photogenic too and cute. I could see both making it a long way but it's the girl who gets the ticket.

Megan comes from a town called Ethel. A town called Ethel? I know Ethel says Harry. Love this chap. Back to Megan - she doesn't look that impressive on TV but she can sing OK. I can't see her getting far but she makes it to Hollywood.

Grace Ann Field has all sorts of qualifications in music and plays piano in bars. Over-confident and she uses her phone to get a pitch. All a bit embarrassing as she can't sing very well at all.

Austin and Eric get through, as does the good-looking Spencer Lloyd who seems to have it all going for him. His family even have expensive banners. He gets billed as a Worship Leader. That sounds worrying. Other than that he was OK. Harry says yes for the 'image thing'. I'm not sure the family will celebrate quite so loudly when they get home and see the programme.

Marlon seems to have been made to sing A Change Is Going To Come. He's safely through and we'll see more of him for sure.

TK Hash (don't ask - that's what they show on the screen) does great Obama impressions. Not so sure about the singing, though. Keith loved it and he gets through but goodness knows why. Just 'cos he's likeable, by the seems of it.

Tristan's mum comes with him and we learn that she came 3rd in the very first season of American Idol! Amazing that there's a second generation coming through in a sense. He's OK and, at 15, has a way to go. He gets a chance, possibly as much for the TV as anything.

Taylor is good. Yet another girl with a guitar through!

LJ comes from Goliad, Texas. Cue shot of him driving an absolutely huge tractor. He's got a big black hat. His ex-fiancee says he hasn't got any talent. She was right.

John Fox is from Magnolia, Texas, population 1,111. Another Worship Leader. Just what is a Worship leader? He has Chris Evans glasses and hair. He can sing well. One of the better ones. Odd redneck look but the makeover guys will fix that. I can see him making the Live Shows.

Next we get to San Francisco. People really do look different there - and definitely sound different. It's still very overcast, though. Now that's not what I expect in San Francisco. there should be sunshine, people with flowers in their hair.

Rachel is 17. She looks exactly like American Idol material. Big Keith Urban fan but, unlike some others, she holds that back and just gets on with it. Nice.

Athena also looks like someone we could see on TV. She could go far. Very good indeed. One of the better ones there even though we only see a fraction.

MK Nobliette could be - he's good but the name?? Edit: Er, he's a she, apparently! Sorry to MK and readers. Looks like she gets further than Hollywood too so I need to get this right!

All though quite easily.

Emmanuel is a bit full of himself and comes on singing before he even introduces himself. I don't see him getting far but they seem to think he has something.

Caitlin does not look just 15, Harry is quite right. She lives on a 46 acre ranch and rides horses and it's all great stuff. I am surprised that Harry says 'No'. Keith is a definite 'Yes' and eventually Jennifer gives her the chance. She could be very good indeed. We'll see who's right - Harry or Keith in a few weeks' time I guess.

Ronald Reed sings For You. Well, he doesn't sing and it's all a bit worrying as he looks for a moment as if he might attack someone. Ryan looks quite relieved when he goes. There's something slightly mad about that fellow.

David Luning sings his own track. Nearly everyone has guitars! This is a good, well-constructed track. Nice job. He looks a bit like Keith Urban at times. Sounds like he could do good CCR stuff. Nothing like him on Idol so far. that might go against him. They put him through. That'll be worth watching how he gets on. I'd like to see him survive. Very very genuine.

Selina sings Try. Now that's one great audition song. She just doesn't look ugly enough for the song. Sierra next. Her twin sister. Selina makes it through. Sierra doesn't. That was quite emotional to watch.

Brianna auditioned last week and made it to Hollywood week. Keith asks her what she learned from last year's experience. Only that I want it more, I she replies. That's lost it for her this year. Something to do with understanding why she didn't get further, recognising that some other people sang better and all that kind of stuff might have gone down better. Anyway, she is a reasonably good singer. Not a winner. She'll go to Hollywood again but after that? She'll need to have learned something by then or we'll not remember her again.

Now we have some people with really cool names. Rico Perkins. Aranesa Turner. Gary Guns. Gary Guns? OK, well the first two were very good and straight through. Look out for the thin chap with red hair. And the girl is bound to be noticed - very sweet, very sincere. Gary you can forget. Just some huge muscle chap with a very strange shirt and an even stranger voice that had Jennifer giggling.

Lastly we get a real San Francisco weirdo. At last. White suit. Tick. Long blond hair. Tick. Uncertain age. Tick. Tanned. Tick. Occupation sound healer. Big, massive tick! Now we 're all expecting this guy to be useless but, in fact, he performs Hallelujah excellently and genuinely has a good voice and can sing. Hilarious moments again with Harry playing the Devil to the kaftan man's everything is groovy.

That's another 33 through. 79 in total.