Saturday, 15 February 2014

Utah auditions. There must be something in the genes.

There's an intro this week but it's a gentle affair and sort of rolls along instead of shouting at us. Ryan Seacrest has to earn his money, I guess, and narrates us around Utah's hopefuls.

First up is a pretty girl called Austin Wolfe. Everyone likes her name. Once she starts singing they like her singing too. She seems pretty 'normal' with just a simple denim dress.

Next is another pretty girl and I had to look two or three times to check it wasn't Austin's older sister. I am sure she had exactly the same genes. Her name is  Kylee Adamson and she's a limberjack! You just want her to get through for that alone but she can sing too.

Tessa Norman and some guys sing next and are sort of OK. They're through but I wouldn't expect to see too much more of them.

Alex Preston writes songs and plays guitar a lot. He sings something he's written himself and it develops pretty well into something quite impressive. I wasn't sure when he started and thought he might be a reject as we'd had a few just before but he's through easily and really does seem to have some talent. I don't see him making the Live Shows but a nice guy and wishing him luck.

'Rocking a fanny pack' is not an expression I'd heard before. Harry Connick Jnr comes out with it as soon as Samantha Calmes walks in. She had been nervous but, after that intro, she seems fine and sings something she's written herself. That's an odd tune and style and they get gher to do something else. She comes in with soem jefferson show theme which was new to me too. I'm learning a lot this week. She's through. Not sure how long we'll see her though.

That's the theme so far. Lots of decent singers but I am not convinced there's been any real star talent yet.

Julie Offal was found on the Idol bus. Small towns have talent too and not everyone can get to the main places. We don't get to know whether she made it.

Labryant Crew. Preacher. Performer. Confident and good singer.
Laurel Wright. Nice, Gentle. Lovable girl.

DJ Bradley. I like him and his simple style, playing guitar and sounding quirky but getting messages across. Modern. Not sure how he's manage some of the Live Show rounds but he would be popular and could be the first really good act we've seem in Utah.

Ah, Ryan reminds us that we hadn't heard about Julie. She sings sweetly and just gets in.

Yet another pretty girl! This is crazy. Kenzie Hall has bags of personality and pays beautifully with the words. She has to be in. 16. Super girl. Something about her. We will see her again, for sure.

Interesting story, with Say Something playing in the background for Paisley Van Patten who was a star with a contract at 15 but only lasted a year before drink and stuff took over. So she's trying again. Yes, she has a great voice and confidence. She has to be through but I wonder if she's not still living a bit in the past and whether she has appeal for today's buyers.

Haydn Olsen is another attractive girl with an unusual name. She doesn't make it but wasn't bad.

Then we get some more who didn't make it. Jocelyn Baker and Blake Branscorn do, not that we see much of them! We get a back story about CJ Harris so I expect he'll be good. He's from Jasper, Alabama, a long way away. Nice voice and approach. Not the usual gospel wailing. Heartfelt stuff but he has a nice character and comes across pretty well. The guitar was almost unnecessary and got in the way but a good talent here. He was one of the most appreciative at getting through I have seen.

Day 2 in Salt Lake City.

It looks chilly up there.

Oh dear. A large and loud woman called Tequila comes along. You sort of feel sorry for the panel. She belts out an Adele number. You can just see her on the stage in church screeching out the gospel songs. She is massive. Very noisy. Very annoying. That will, hopefully, be as far as she goes. Please.

Chase Thornton is a male model. OK. So there are good looking blokes in Utah too. He can't sing.

Jessica Bassett is lovely and has an amazing voice. Unbelievably she doesn't get through. We don't get to see why as it's a very short extract and Jennifer does make a comment about missing someone special. Interesting.

Girl with mustard colour tights. I love the way she doesn't seem to like the colour but says it matches her dress! Simple things have great appeal. Emily Rottier is lovely and is, I swear, another twin of some family in Utah that has a hundred identical children. She sings well and is easily through.

Dexter Robinson is a fram hand and trains dogs to hunt ducks. That's lose him a few votes! Nice good ol' Country guy. We haven't had many like him and he is authentic. He gets through and may have an easy run through for a while in the absence of anyone quite like him. Fast Country with some rock in there. It sort of works.

Ally Roundy. A girl with long curly hair and emotion. I am surprised again that she desn;t get through.

Briston Maroney is young buy exceptional. 15. Vintage Gibson as observed by Harry. Great grandfather owned the guitar. He does You Can't Always Get What You Want! Remarkable. What an audition. That will be replayed a good few times, I think, and I see him on the Live Shows. He looks good and has a powerful voice and is different. Cool young guy. You have to smile at Yes, sir, No sir. Great to see someone so polite.

Carson Henline was voted most likely to get on but doesn't make it. Sabrina Lentini, also just 15 does and seemed quite good but it was over very quickly. Fish sings The A Team and has 50 supporters. He was a bit ordinary but gets through.

Johnny Newcomb has an amazing voice. He looks so young. Rasping, deep Country stuff which sounds great and just doesn't seem to be what he ought to be singing. He deserves to get through. Nice.

Carmen Delgina has a dad who sang something we all know but I can't recall it now. Wonder Mike? Well, she had to get through. Not very good.

Kassandra Caseneda has a long name. Nice delivery of Chasing Pavements. Not sure though.

Kenneth Gaddie is huge and sings very very slowly.

We get a long intro and back story for holding a baby almost all the time. So we know he'll be through. Now, is he worth all the promo? Casey Thrasher is a nice guy. Sings Believe - one of the few ballads we've had from guys. He has plenty of emotion and comes over well. He's a must to get through and viewers will like him so here's another Live Show candidate.

30 more. There's now 193 at Hollywood!

Last auditions coming up tomorrow. Will Cannel 5* here in UK ever catch up I wonder?