Saturday, 15 March 2014

No stars for Channel 5*

Can you believe this? Channel 5 have dropped transmission of American Idol. In the middle of the series! This is ridiculous. I can only assume that they were being charged too much by Fox and not getting enough viewing figures for the advertisers. Having said that, there were one hell of a lot of advertisers signed up - did they just cancel contracts when figures weren't as expected?

I don't think I can recall a series being dropped midway. You'd think that they would have paid to broadcast the whole damn thing, or at least contracted to pay, then sold the spots and sat back to see what happened. Some you win, some you lose. They were never going to get many by putting it on 5*, which is off the page for most TV guides, and at 5pm most people who might be a potential viewer are probably doing something else if they do manage to spot it's on.

So I am going to have to try and carry on with a streamed version direct from the States. At least that will be up-to-date and not x weeks behind like we have been! That's assuming I can find a link. Hopefully someone will come up with one if I can't find a good one that works here myself.

Yup. Really annoyed. Sorry for the delay that'll be inevitable in keeping you folk posted but we want to know what is happening and I may well have to add the videos here too for you.