Sunday, 30 March 2014

Now just 8 remain

So, who makes 9th place this Season? There are several less than enthralling contestants still around: Dexter, in particular, nice old boy that he may well be, simply doesn't cut it as a future major album selling, concert ticket selling act. Jena, too, has yet to fire up real enthusiasm and match her performances to what we'd been led to expect.

Randy tells us that he liked her, though, and put Jena with Caleb and Malaya Top 3. Ryan doesn't get people on stage but there's some camera thing that puts the face of those saved on the big screen. Jena, Malaya are first to be declared safe so Randy was right and I was wrong. (Janelle Monet sang but I didn't get to see that so that'll have to wait for another day.) Next safe are Alex and Jessica. Good. She survived the Rhiannon thing. Caleb eases through so Randy may well have been right. Dexter makes it through too. Oh dear. So it's Majesty, Sam and CJ as the Bottom Three. That's twice running for Sam and three times for Majesty. I would expect Majesty to have to sing again but it may be CJ's unknown track that didn't appeal. Surely Sam is OK.

Majesty is, indeed, the one that has to sing to try and convince the panel to save her.

She sings Happy but, I have to say, not very well. I really have admired this girl and hoped for so much from her. This was a breathless, uncontrolled performance with plenty parts out of tune and yu just felt that she knew she was out. If anyone were to be saved, though, I feel it might be her. But after that I am not at all sure she deserves it. Being on the Tour, of course, means she hasn't really lost much. Shame to see her go. It really should have been Dexter.

Sam must be wondering how he can match the others' popularity too.