Saturday, 19 April 2014

Jena and 5 others make it through to another week.

The judges talked a lot of sense yesterday, or whenever you saw the Top 7 perform. Keith appealed to everyone to 'cut loose' and that sums it up - so far, apart from a couple of notable efforts, the contestants have either played pretty safe or just don't have that special something to distinguish them from 'just good singers'. On another programme they might have called it the 'X Factor' perhaps.

Jena excelled herself last night and Caleb has been establishing himself as a totally natural great performer. Jena had previously been somewhat in Jessica's shadow and I am still seeing Jessica outlasting her but now she has pretty much evened things up.

Sam may have established a good solid support amongst the teen girls now. He's not the best act but I think he and Caleb may outlast Alex and CJ. I like Alex a lot but don't see him winning. CJ had a good night but unless he picks substantially better songs he's getting to the end of his run. Dexter is lucky still to be there in my view.

Of the girls, Randy says Jena is the one to beat - and I think he includes the boys too in that!

Coming 6th and 7th this week are Jessica and Dexter. So Jena sure did trounce Jessica in the votes, and deservedly so on the acts we saw but as fan base sizes that is more interesting. 7th is Dexter so he's the one to go. I think that is fair enough. 7th is a pretty good position.

Sam will be very pleased at coming at least 5th, as will CJ. I have a feeling that Alex, Caleb and Jena will have been the Top 3.

So it's all down to song choice and getting some sort of connection next week. Someone needs to make their mark.

Dexter performed Lucky Man at the end and did probably one of his best performances! A fine time to do that but there you go. Or rather, there he goes.