Sunday, 13 April 2014

Top 7 revealed.

No save from the judges now so whoever gets the fewest votes is out of the competition. X Factor did have the chance for one of the bottom two to survive - the panel decided, regardless of who actually came bottom. Only if they were split 50-50 would the public vote be used to decide. Here it is totally down to the numbers who pick up a phone and dial.

CJ and Malaya are the two at risk this time. One will make the Top 7.

Malaya is the one to go as CJ scrapes through to sing another week. Malaya's farewell track is quite emotional - she does her best with I'm Changing and you can tell that neither Jennifer nor Harry are convinced she was the right one to go but Keith leans over and reminds them that she'll be touring the nation all summer anyway. In a way, I think she was a couple of years too early in this competition.

CJ was lucky and now needs to pick some very smart numbers for next week. With Sam coming at least 6th this time in the polls my feeling is that Jena and Dexter should be next to go.

That's it. Down to seven.