Thursday, 15 May 2014

American Idol - 500th Show and The XIII Season Final 3

Here is the brief look back over 13 years of Idol! It is quite remarkable to think we were all 13 years younger when this all started. After that there are videos of the three performances by each finalist. No commentary yet - this will be added later today. We miss Jessica.

Nice compilation with some groovy old moments, including Simon Cowell and many of the judges from the old days.

Jena is so lucky to get Radiohead's Creep. Missing from the main video, this is really good - perfect for this 17 year old. It's between her and Caleb and, on this form, I'd give her the win based on tonight. There's one more week to go, though!

A shaky start, unusually for this fellow and I even began to wonder if he was going to falter. he didn't look or sound comfortable and, again, highly unusually, didn't do the song justice.

We get told about Caleb's voice and even get introduced to the Idol Voice Doctor, laying it all on a bit thick as if the producers were worried about him losing votes or something. Odd. It was, indeed, quite noticeable how he seemed to be holding back a bit but nevertheless put on a super show and this was a fabulous track chosen by Randy.

Demi Lovato sang this panel's choice. Now it's Jena's turn. It is a hard song and she did well. Something somewhere was missing but she certainly made an effort to make it her own and entertain. I am finding her just a little screechy this week - in tune, though, and full of energy and she can occupy the stage and seems comfortable interacting with the band. Not quite as much as Caleb but confident none the less. I can't yet decide between her and Alex for the Final 2.

Stay is the panel's choice for Alex. Interesting as this was a Rihanna song. He performed that very well - as always he manages once more to transform songs into something a bit special and that brings him back into the running after a nervous first track. Nice. He is very talented and possibly the most talented of the three. Perhaps not the 'star' or 'idol' but the talent.

The panel choose Demons by Imagine Dragons. This is missing from the full programme video so I'm glad I pulled in the individual videos. Good job. Harry makes a good point that people should really have kept quiet about Caleb's sickness as most people wouldn't notice and you simply can't 'make allowances' at this stage. He is either a winner or he isn't. I reckon he'll make the final on these two alone.

We hear Titanium so often in these contests and memories of annoying versions put me off this at first but Jena didn't do the usual and gave us a super performance. She screeches a bit at the start and it was, as Jennifer commented, a bit shaky at the start. However, she came through at the end.

Alex's home town people choose Story Of My Life from One Direction for Alex to do. He did really well but following Caleb was tough. He was confident this time but the panel seem very polite in their reviews. It looks, to me, like Caleb v Jena, especially knowing what she finishes the show with.

Led Zeppelin from way way back in the early 70s is the choice of his home town people. Well, watching Jennifer move to that was pretty mind-blowing and Caleb performed his heart out on that one with some excellent graphic display in the background that emphasised the whole thing. I don't really know that his singing was that good but it was one hell of a performance and Harry was spot on in how Caleb took full advantage of the opportunity to make his mark, voice or no voice. Jennifer seemed to be indicating that he had to be in the final and she would be getting him there. She clearly is more than a little taken with him and Jena.