Friday, 2 May 2014

The Top 5 decide to make it 4

Ryan starts off by telling us there'll be a twist, whatever that may mean. Harry gives a short speech to congratulate the five people who were unheard of a few months ago and who have all done pretty well and each will be remembered for some time. One for longer.

Keith Urban performs and this time we get it included in the video. That was something that could have easily have come from the 70s, a Bryan Adams release perhaps, except his voice needed to be stronger in the lower segments. Nice fellow but that wasn't particularly impressive, just OK. What was interesting was the way I couldn't help looking for all the things that he and Harry had been telling the contestants to do. Sure, most were there, all right.

I am sure Ryan claps the wrong way round.

The 'twist' is whether the person with the lowest votes goes home as usual or they all get to stay another week and then two would go. I would have expected them to vote to stay but although it was 3-2 in favour of staying together, it must have required a unanimous vote for that. I missed that bit. Anyway, that meant someone did have to go and it is Sam who comes 5th this year.

That was not what I had predicted - I did feel he had developed enough of a fan base to reach the final three at least. He and Jena seem the most 'today'. So, Alex, Caleb, Jena and Jessica make the Fab Four.

I expect we'll find out who voted which way in due course. Logically, anyone who thought they were not bottom would vote for someone to go. My guess is that Caleb would be pretty confident. Maybe Jessica or Jena too. But I would imagine Sam and Alex being dubious about their chances.

Anyway, that's it for another week as this Season draws closer to its conclusion. I am still waiting to hear another Phillip Phillips track since Home a year ago and struggling to recall having heard anything at all of Scotty from the year before. I still think Adam Lambert should have won some years back. This year there is a chance that someone will win who will be heard but there is also still the chance of a nice person just drifting along and ultimately away and not making much impact at all after all.