Saturday, 24 January 2015

American Idol XIV Auditions Day 3

A few quite good people come and go but we don't get a great deal about them. Maybe we will later as they all get through. The first to get some good screen time is Joey Cook who is a bit different and actually very good. She carries an accordion and can play it well but it is quite loud and sort of drowns out her voice which is quite an original sound. The panel love her and she's easily through. Watch her. She could be around a while yet.

Alexis Gomez. Hippy, Mexican Hill-billy. OK. That should be interesting. Any song that talks about the little white church and eating chicken will do well, She has the name and ticks an awful lot of boxes. Keith says 'no' but she juts scrapes through. I don't see her making it much further as she hasn't got much that's really individual, despite the name.

Anton Bushner is a tall dark handsome man. Well, boy, as he's only 19. Classic Country with a great big C, Two of them. Great singer for that genre. Quite what else he can do I don't know but he did that extremely well. Lots of feeling and Harry is very complimentary. Easily through to the Hollywood round.

Cedric is next and it looks like there is some Twitter vote going on over there that I wasn't aware of. We only get a

Stephanie Gummelt has a really high speaking voice. She sings her own song which is pretty good, maybe not immediately catchy but I can see it doing well. Nicely done. She is quite a character and a very natural singer.

Ashley Stehle is just 15 and it's a bit weepy because he parents are deaf but some new technology enables them to hear her voice now which is all very emotional. It's odd watching the family watching her but the panel is dead right - she is not ready for the competition and the song was not really in tune at all. Sad stuff but fair.

Ellen Petersen has a banjo. Blue eyed, pretty blonde singing blue grass with some yodelling thrown in. She's good but I do feel she's quite old-fashioned. She seems professional and knows how to perform on stage so, as the panel say, there's probably a great deal more that she can bring to the show. She gets through easily and the two guys sing along with her as she just plays some track that they ask her to do. Amazing moment. Some confidence. Some memories for Ellen, whatever happens.

Kohlton Pascoe says he walks around and plays music everywhere. He is a real traveller, hitching his way around towns. Moved out at 16 due to differences with his folks. His voice is real earthy for a 21 year old and he starts with a moody original number that he wrote himself. Quite good but I admire how Harry reminds him that the show will expect him to do things that he may not feel comfortable doing. Imagine him in the sing-a-long at the start of the show. Or dressed in white or something! He's talented and I'd like to see him go further. He gets through. That'll be interesting. He'll get put up in a hotel now! That'll be an interesting line to follow which I hope works out for him.

I love the bit at the end where Ryan brings on a massive plate of bones - spare ribs. they look delicious and I just wish we could get something like that over here.