Thursday, 29 January 2015

American Idol XIV Auditions: Day 5

Now we're in Minneapolis for the next set of auditions. The format of showing mainly good people is so much better than some other years.

Shannon is first on. With a surname like Berthiaume that's a lot of vowels and she gives us all the vowels from House Of The Rising Sun. Keith says she has a raw talent and I agree. She may have slightly overdone the thing but as the production team play Janis Joplin in the background maybe that was only part of what she's capable of. Nice.

Shannon is followed by some geeky guy. I'm not expecting to be impressed. Kemil Casey is the name. I don't think we need to try to remember it.

Morgan Ovens has a funny name but sings totally convincingly. We only see a glimpse though. With Courtney Guns competing on the name front she gets through with a couple of others we only get short shots of.

Vanessa Andrea is a sweet girl and has a great Country style. she gets upset but actually sings herself better. I like that girl. She's cool. A bit old style perhaps and her audition suited her to a tee. Not sure where she goes from here but she's fun to watch and you have to smile at her comments about Keith and Jennifer.

Zach Johnson comes on like he's had too much chocolate and coke but settles down with a nice and well-tuned Country song. Sleepy stuff. However, he gets through and actually gets a promise from Keith to get him up on the stage at a forthcoming concert. Harry's dubious but we get to see it for real!

Aaron Bissel is a cute boy with a really nice voice. We don't see much of him.

The next girl may not appeal to some of our Left Wing readers. Cindy Joel likes hunting and shoots bears with arrows and fires pistols at things. She does a lovely version of Patsy Cline's Crazy. She's got some talent. Just gets through. She killed a bear last weekend. Harry explains.

Amusingly, the next guy comes on in a bear outfit! He's no good.

Next guy is in Million Dollar Quartet a musical about Jerry Lee Lewis and others. Jacob Tolliver is excellent but Harry says that he can't get through without being himself. Keith wants to hear him sing a song as himself not as a character. He does a Sam Smith number and is easily through.

Hannah Mrozak is 16 but sounds 36. Full volume stuff but very good. she could do well.

Kristi Kroker has yet another unfortunate name. Nice girl but not good enough, as were several more following in the clips. Mark Andrew is back again and I expect he'll make it this time. Good, committed singer and a bit different. Keith asks for another track. He comes out with I Want To Be Like You. Not so sure about that but the panel do see that he is set apart from so many others and he can certainly stay in tune. Nice guy.