Thursday, 29 January 2015

American Idol XIV Auditions: Day 6

Down in New Orleans, where Harry grew up. You can just tell he feels so at home there. The first guy's family grew up with Harry's. Drew Plaisance is terrible. I think he only came on to say something about growing up near the star. Dreadful.

Angelica Jelly Joseph is the first reasonable act after a huge pile of not so good stuff. You can almost sense the sighs of relief from the three panel and, particularly, Jelly.

Tiffany stringer is from Texas. You might have guessed that she is a cheerleader. She does a Cher Lloyd number. something modern for a change as so far almost everyone is doing ancient stuff. This girl is good. Strange hearing a number from an X Factor UK #4 or #5 act. She gets through, just, as then runs hilariously, missing Ryan and the cameras!

Young lad up next. In shorts and sandals. Greyson Turner is just 15 and sings something he's written himself. Remarkable stuff. Good voice. Good song. Lots of passion for someone so young. Easily through and one to watch.

Sarah Quintana is a really cool jazz singer. Love that and so do the panel. Harry tries to say that she shouldn't go through. Jennifer agrees but they don't see her doing anything in the competition. Odd but probably right.

Quentin Alexander sings Royals by Lorde. Nice. He's a cool guy and from New Orleans and the streets there. He's a bit laid back compared to what you'd expected looking at him but he'll get a chance to impress another time as they are more than happy to put him through.

Mikey Duran is 19 and went to the same school as Harry. He sings a song he's written. Quite a few are doing that. Seems risky but at least they can't be accused of copying anyone or karaoke. Nice job. they have trouble stopping him but not in a bad way. He steams through. I don't think he'll get that much further but nice fellow for all that and worth the next stage.

Very pretty girls follow. Nalani Quintello. Tori Martin. Hope Windle. All get another chance.

Ricky Dale Hendricks is 17. He does hunting and fishing too. Fairly tedious Country track but he knows what he's doing and puts on an impressive performance. Lots of likeability for this one. Good looking young fellow would get bags of girls' votes if he were to get through.

Bianca Jade is a drag queen who is a bit in your face. Not a bad singer but not really good enough. She does get through, though.

Adam Lasher is related to Carlos of the amazing Santana. He also does a track he's written himself and is great. So risky doing it that way but those that do pull it off do so really well. he has a thumb in plaster and has a cool image. Nice fellow. Could do well.

Eyebrow manufacturers would like Erica Washington. She is also pretty good, singing Beyonce's Halo pretty well. Possibly as well as the star does it. Good singer. Lots of talent. Pity about the eyebrows.and bad hair. another who will keep going for a stage or two but maybe not go all the way.