Saturday, 31 January 2015

American Idol XIV Auditions: Day 7 San Francisco

Ever since Scott MacKenzie sand about the city in 1966 I have wanted to go there. This is the last place on the Audition run.

Katherine Skinner doesn't look or sound like the best of adverts for the city. She is 15 going on 45 and, for a moment when she was talking about getting the coat from Bowie I thought that maybe she was 45 and that might have been true. To be fair, she did sing well, doing Florence & The Machine's Shake It All. Jennifer Lopez has just more or less said what I said about the Bowie thing!  I was put off with the psychic cat business and the chatter and the coat but she did win me over. She does have a talent and maybe will annoy people so perhaps we won't see much more of her. Or the cat.

Erika David is more 'normal' with an Alicia Keys tune that was neither here nor there. Chandler Leighton is very 'Frisco with the stylish hat and dead straight blonde hair. Nice, cool.

Ryan Pinkston is older and a bit off-key although Harry said he was pinpoint accurate!

They all get through but none struck me as Idols, I am afraid.

Andrew Bloom next. Harry says 'Hello Andrew, what's your name?' Hilarious. Not too sure what his style was. Not something that I would buy but he was more or less in tune and seem to know what he's doing so could probably put a could performance in at future stages if necessary. So he drifts through but, again, makes no lasting impression.

Kellyeanne Rodgers seems to have too many letters in her name but sings very sweetly.

The next guy has about 40 members of his family with him. Luckily they're not all in the audition room but he had 60 in the house at the time. Reno Anoa'I has an extraordinary surname but at last we have a genuine talent that isn't just rehearsed or for show. Nice fellow doing the Rod Stewart I Don't Want To Talk About It number. If he can do more than just the 'white suit' type of act then he could do well. He gets a ticket to Hollywood. The place erupts as he seems to have most of the 60 with him.

Now we get a Puerto Rican chap who worships Jennifer. Harry gets called Henry which is quite amusing. He is Samuel Prince. He has some fun with the panel but he can't do a great deal on the singing front. So he doesn't get through. Just as well.

Then there's a bundle of people who don't make it.

Rayvon Owen has a nice gentle but good voice and sings Wide Awake that should go down well with the panel after quite a few not so good people. Good audition and a good-looking chap too who will have appeal amongst the home audience if he's lucky enough to get to the voting round. Not so sure he will but he deserves to move forward a fair bit.

Listening to the panel I am glad that we have this consistent three. They talk sense and, apart from Harry's great good humoured messing about, they don't seem to be trying too hard to impress.

Twins. Ezekiel and his brother with an old-style name too are a lovely couple and miss the chance that they might have had to retune. they weren't very good anyway.

Maddy Hudson is another quite loud teenager. She has the over-powering mother who means well but are we really bothered about her? No. Let's meet the girl. She performs very well although isn't that pretty to watch but that was a great audition regardless. Jennifer marks her down as one of her favourites so that bodes well for her. Lots of compliments. I think they were a bit over the top when they said that she should tell everyone else to go home and Keith thinks she could win. Remarkable.