Saturday, 10 January 2015

American Idol XIV auditions; Day 2

I haven now found the full show. Before those that I have already covered appear Andrew Annello who is full of confidence but very loud and a bit mad. He eventually does show he can sing well and gets through but I doubt he'll go far.

Loren Lott is a lovely actress and she has a great personality and sings well. I don't know why the panel take a while to put her through and only two out of three at that.

Then Trevor Douglas and we get a bit more than the other video showed. He's a really cool guy and performs the Ed Sheeran number very well. Now, can he do anything else? We'll get to see soon as he is easily through. Nice chap.

For the rest, a line or two from the earlier video. Here goes;

Lovey Scott
Very professional. Excellent performance. Blame her parents for the name.

Trevor Douglas
1950s look. Could be Buddy Holly back on Earth again. Great style and maybe he could host a revival. Nice work.

Piper Jones
This is a big girl with the gospel choir voice. You can just see her, and probably hear her too in the chapel every Sunday. She desperately needs advice on how to appear on a prime time TV programme. I know it's about the voice and singing talent but the little pink bow and short dress on that figure just don't work. I'm not that sure she was that good anyway.

Kelley Kime
The exact opposite. Blonde, blue-eyed and slender Country girl. We'll see a few of them, I guess. She's good. Luckily her parents didn't add another K to her name, although you do do wonder sometimes.

Garret Miles
A good ol' Country boy - and I mean boy as he looks about 14 behind the dark glasses. Very white skin. Looks a bit unhealthy but does a good job of a Creedence number and impresses Jennifer when he sings in Spanish without rehearsal. Just seems a naturally talented guy who'll do well.

Clark Beckham
He sings @It's A Man's World'. I'm not sure he can play the guitar that well, though, and after a while his singing seems to go the same way. a bit painful to listen to. I doubt that he got any further.

Gena Vinier
Now this girl is different, sitting on a box and slapping out a rhythm with one hand and shaking a shaker thing with another. I liked her and it was an interesting audition. 'Put The Gun Down' was a particularly appropriate song too for today, although, of course, Fox would have no clue, these being recorded some weeks ago.

Alex Shier
A good-looking 19-year-old guy who is the sort you expect to do well. Ne's got some passion and the song's not overdone either as is so often the case when people just try too hard. Is he a bit average though?

Cody Fry
As if to show how average the other guy was we now get a strange looking chap doing 'Over The Rainbow' really really well. Nice voice. Old style appearance but much better guitar playing than many we see. He could be one to watch out for. Not your normal chap and it takes a good performance nowadays, especially after the likes of Carly Rose on X Factor, to do that song justice. Much depends on the prodcers as we're seeing several 'retro' acts now.

Hector Montenegro
Back to the more typical contestant. Slightly odd and tuneless soul but one of the few black guys we're seeing. Not good.

Sarian Joi Crowe
Now that's a name to get attention if nothing else. She comes across pretty well but maybe tries a bit too hard. Fun to watch and she has something. We may see her again.

Alison Paritikos
Very brief. One minute she's there, the next she isn't. then she's back and then she's gone again. From the tiny clips we get she's nice and can sing. That's all! Maybe she gets through and we see a lot more another time.

Jake Black
Yet another 'old style 'look. Another original too - he does an Ed Sheeran number and that works really well. I can see him making it to the next round.

Steffi Ledbetter
A talented vocalist here but a bit screechy at times. She does Back To Black which is a bit of an odd choice and not so sure it worked for her.

Savion Wright
Nicest soul singer so far. Quite a gentle sound and good rhythm. He could do well. They need someone like him in the Live Shows too. None so far that I've noticed.

Zack Kaltenbach
Wow, we're certainly getting the good names this year. He sings 'Grenade'. All a bit average.

Naomi Tatsuoka
Not pretty by any stretch of the imagination by pretty impressive. Another Gospel Girl. Starts on her knees and then gets up to wail even louder. For me she mashed up the Adel song but I can see her getting further.

This strange looking guy needs just the one name. He has a load of black felt tip on one side of his face and look Filipino or Chinese. Certainly very different. Funny thing is that I cannot now recall anything about what he sang.

Lovey James
Yes, that's two Loveys. And, yes, another blue eyed, pretty blonde with a mini skirt who looks like a pop star and would be a delight for the photographers and album cover artists. She's pretty good too and I am sure she'll get a bit further in the competition.

Jess Lamb
Showing almost everyone else the way to go, though, is this girl. Simple name and she sits at he piano, playing while she sings 'Ain't No Sunshine' really well. This girl is good. Another one to watch. She adds quite a bit of her own vibe to this and I am not entirely sure she'd be that commercial or easy to manage. We'll see, bo doubt as the weeks go by.