Saturday, 7 February 2015

American Idol XIV Hollywood Auditions Pt 1

Jax is just 18 and is something special. She gets pulled out of the audience in a surprise move to perform in front of everyone. We'll see a lot more of Jax.

Mark Andrew follows. A bit forgettable.

Emily Brook at 15 sounds like a leading contender for the Country spot. Great.

Sal Valentinetti brings all his Scillian charm but seems a little old style to me.

Adam Ezegilian good solid voice.

These are possibly the best - the judges calling up the most memorable, for them, which is a good way of setting the bar high for the others as well as double checking that these guys were worth the extra vote.

Tyanna Jones wants to dance with us and is really trying not to dance on the stage. She's good and quite interesting. Natural rhythm.

Savion Wright does Get Lucky and that commercisal number goes down well with the audience.

Hollywood Anderson. Well named! I remember him as one of the best. Not sure about his interpretation of Adele's number and that may have been a mistake.

Shannon Berthiaume is new to all this and looks cute in shorts and pale skin but does good justice to Steve Wonder's Sir Duke even though she lost some words.

Adam Lasher is a stronger performer and just the opposite in many ways, clearly comfortable on stage and relaxed.

Garrett Miles is the Country guy that they said was putting on the accent but nevertheless did a good job. He seemed a bit wobbly.

Trevor Douglas is a geeky guy who is delightful to watch. He has a sense of humour but also a fabulous voice and timing. One of the best auditions.

Joey Cook works without the squeezebox and hides behind a ukelele instead. Not bad. Different voice.

Amber Celechi puts too much at stake on this performance. She is OK but she needs to understand that there are several hundred that she's up against. Really worked up and not wanting to go back to the 'hood but, you know, over half of the people there will be going home and she'll be lucky to stand out against them, never mind the top half, for very long in the competition.

The first crowd now all get put on the stage and, despite some having some misses here and there, all get told that they were chosen because they'd been 'memorable' and all get through. That's nice. I like seeing people get a second chance at the early stages and this is a pretty crazy week at the best of times.

The others have to perform together and sing bits and pieces of the same song, about ten at a time.

Priscilla Barker has the voice and the look for this competition. Jaq Mackenzie does Cool Kids really well. She knows what she is doing. Nice. Priscilla doesn't make it though. Jaq does.

And that's pretty much how it goes for the rest. Some do, some don't. We get to see a few more but it's impossible to review based on the snippets we see.

This episode ends as we watch Gabby Z make a pretty good start but then freeze. To be continued, I guess!