Saturday, 14 February 2015

American Idol XIV: Hollywood Round Pt 2

The Katherine Winston makes a good impression while Gabby Z recovers from freezing at the end of the previous episode.Both make it through for another day.

Andrew Annello is full of confidence but this could be the end of his road. Kylie look-a-like Maddy Walker may have reached the end of the line this year too. Alexis Gomez is the barefoot Country girl. Maddy and Alexis continue but it is, indeed, the end Andrew's road.

Cody Fry is the very old-style guy and he does Lilac Wine very well indeed. Glides through, as Ryan says.

Loren Lott says she thinks she can make American Idol a lot of money. She's not very good. But she's through too. OK, maybe the panel see more than we do.

Rayvon Owen has the name to survive and I am sure he'll do well. Shi Scott is nice and original but not so sure she'll go that much further although she joins Rayvon this time.

A really young lad, Daniel Seavey, is really too young to sign about being taken into lovin' arms. Clark is older and more likely to carry on further after an excellent sounding audition.

Dakota Suarez squawks and that may be the end for her.

Qaasim gets chatted up by a pretty blonde competitor and seems to get pretty well inspired for his performance. That was nice. He must be there for a while.

Next comes Group Round. I always find this odd and a bit frustrating when some bad luck can influence good people who just land up with annoying people or just those who don't want to be with them.

I have to say that they seemed far better organised this year. Maybe the producers had a bigger hand in helping them get started and there didn't seem to be the loud annoying ones or loads of mothers either, many acts making bed in good time and even those who stayed up did a reasonably good job. I cannot really pick out any individuals - there were many who excelled but we don't see much.

There's a nice touch from Sal, the Sicilian, who invites a lost girl to join his group. Unfortunately she faints during their practice and then again when they're about to perform. In that group are some of the best contenders so hopefully they'll not be affected. we'll find out next time.