Saturday, 14 February 2015

American Idol XIV: Hollywood Round Pt 3

Alexis gets an all clear and Sal's gals are on again. Surprisingly, Alexis, who wailed a lot, gets through with one of the favourites in my book, Jax. Pity about Sal who put on a good show and was a decent fellow throughout but, I suppose, was never going to win the thing. He's had been entertaining on the Live shows though.

If the video is still available here then it is well worth watching in full as there are some great moments but each individual is come and gone so soon I can't really manage a commentary.

Hopefully, I can do better when we hit the solo rounds in the next instalment. That's really when people get to show what they can do and we'll start to get a glimpse of who could be that next American Idol.