Friday, 20 February 2015

American Idol XIV: Showcase Pt 1

Michael Simeon seems a bit average to me and I don't get the 'appeal' to girls that we're told he has. He is confident and should be reliable and is confirmed as the first to make the Top 24.

Lauren Lott is a far better performer in my book although there is some screeching going on in the Celine Dion track we see her doing. She's the first girl through.

Adam is interesting in many ways. he has a cartoon look about him and is actually a toy designer! His earthy rock voice is almost pitch perfect (although the track we see this time isn't!) and you can tell he's enjoying himself a lot. No. 2 guy through.

Cody Fry is the first not to make it. A talented fellow but I am not sure he fits the bill for the show. He is also up against a few who can put on a good performance but it is clear, as Ryan, informs us, that no-one is safe.

Lovey James plays and performs far older than her 16 years. She is very good and, although she does get a bit raucous, she could be a contender. I think I see her dropping out fairly early but she does make the No. 2 girl spot.

We see several not making it through.

Adonna Duru is someone I seem to have missed so far. She does It's A Man's World with real passion and some super singing. Real entertainment and if we had to choose between her and Lauren then she would win that battle of two fairly similar acts. She deserves to get No.3 girl spot.

Maddie Walker does Big Girls Don't Cry very well indeed. Surprisingly she is rejected. Eh? Even the panel don't seem too sure. I thought she'd be a certainty.

In contrast Rachel Hollick puts on a great show and that may be their preference as she does a great job. We get to hear that the panel is unsure which to choose between Maddie, who they do bring back, and Rachel. They get asked to do a sing-off more or less there and then! That's pressure for them. Maddie will be thinking she has nothing to lose. Rachel will be thinking she can only finish up where she is. They do just sing in front of each other with no backing. In the circumstances they both did well but the three judges decide that Maddie has the edge. That was tough for Rachel who doesn't take it well. I guess she won't be watching the next few weeks. So Maddie Walker is girl No.4.

Clark Beckham is going from strength to strength and is very very good in his showcase performance to a big audience. He would knock Michael Simeon off the stage as soon as the Live Shows start if he gets in. And he gets the No.3 guy slot. Another deserving case.

Daniel Seavey is the young one. It looks like a different TV show when he's performing. He does sound very mature, though, this time. A lot more modern than many of his competitors and he could have a major fan club develop. So I can't argue with his selection as guy No.4 at all. He's good and is even a potential winner. First one I've said that for.

Tianna is 'doing it for her family' which I think too many say, however true that may or may not be. I am sure she's genuine. I found her singing off key and strained in places and, looking at who she has to compete with, I wouldn't have put her through as I don't see her lasting long. There must be something that the panel can see that I've missed as they are quite clear about giving her the Girl No.5 slot.

Rayvon Owen is another very good singer who could do well and is so sound. Shannon  Berthiaume has never performed in front of an audience like that before and did a super job of a Janis Joplin number. Both make it - guy No.5 and Girl No.6. Both deserve that place and could be around for a good while.

Main contender that everyone has to try and beat, though, is Jax and if she keeps performing as well as she has throughout these shows so far that will be tough. She takes some chances but I think she's great and so do the panel. Girl No.7.

Hollywood is coming up next. You'll need to see the next show to find out who the remaining 11 are and there's something about a vote but I am not sure what that is. Do the public vote to decide who makes the Live Shows? Wow. I vaguely recall typing something like that at the very start but not at all sure, having got to know the Top 24 now, how I feel about that. I have always advocated as many as possible getting to perform for the public and having slower evictions at the start. That's simply because not everyone is a ready-made live show professional and some may just need a week or two to get their personality across. That can, of course work against them too as some personalities will be shown to be not so good and, whatever their talent, they'll get voted off but at least it'll be after a decent period of consideration. They'll have had a good chance is what I'm saying.

OK, Can't wait for the next instalment.