Friday, 20 February 2015

American Idol XIV: Showcase Pt 2. The Top 24!

This edition starts with Josh getting a 'No' but there is clearly some disagreement as Jennifer pointedly says she would have had him in the Top 24 and tells him too!

So Hollywood is back. He was fabulous earlier on. We didn't see much of his Hollywood audition. Now on stage he has to perform and I'm not so sure he did. He writes well and I am a bit surprised that he didn't make it. I suppose I should have checked my own Spoiler list published here! I was sure he'd make it. Big character that would have had the viewing numbers doing well.

Joey Cook has forgotten words in the past and taken some easy options but this time she does remember everything. I am not sure she is material for the Live Shows. She has the talent but I am not sure she fits in. She makes it, though. Girl No. 8.

Katherine Winston is a bit more 'normal' but sings Stevie Nicks so she's great in my book! Rhiannon isn't as easy as it may seem to sing and she nails that beautifully. I don't know how she'll appeal to the voting public but I like to see her get the chance and she's Girl No.9. That'll be interesting to see how long she lasts. I do worry about her not lasting long.

Maddy Hudson is the one Jennifer said could win it. She is only 16, though, and will get another chance. She is good and I am sure we will see her another year.

Alexis Gomez and Quentin Alexander next. Both are strong performers. They both make the Top 24. Girl No. 10 and Guy No.6. Alexis is a stand-out with very professional Country style.

Savion is quite similar to some others already through. Whether he can beat any of them I don't know. He doesn't seem to me to be someone likely to win. But he gets Guy No.7.

A couple more good girls, Hunter and Jaq, get rejected. Mark Andrew does an excellent Hozier performance and must get through after that. Nice job. Again, not a winner but he'll make the Live Shows reliable. he is all nervous about it. He is so glad to get Guy No.8.

Trevor Douglas has been adorable all the way through and you almost want him through because he is such a cool geek! He can also entertain and how on Earth can this guy be just 16? He comes from a totally different planet to the other 16-year-old guy in this thing. Guy No.9.

Emily Brook. Ah, Emily. I remember how little we have ever seen of Emily. At 15 she is a Country girl up against Alexis and Maddie. Let's hope we get to see more of her when she returns next year as she didn't quite make it.

Nick Fradiani is different to many of the others and gets the Guy No10 slot. I haven't figured out what his theme is yet.

Sarina-Joi Crowe has had three goes at this already, we're told. She sounds confident but has always failed at this point. This time she makes it. Girl No. 11.

Qassim is someone I can see doing extremely well and he is the last of the guys through. Guy No.11.

For the last spot it's a choice between Ricky Dale Hendricks and Riley Bria. Both are excellent, Riley with the more rock version of performance whilst Ricky is perhaps the better singing of ballads. Riley is a young Bryan Adams and has that special quality that I think will mean he could be around a while. Quite a while. Riley is Guy No. 12.

So now for the last girl. It's between Jelly Joseph and Chi Scott. No competition. Chi wins that easily and will be someone that the Live Shows will benefit from. Jelly was OK but there are already several like her and Chi seems that much more special and also reliable on the live stage. Chi. Girl No.12.

So that's it, folks. It's over to you now. I'll take the wraps off the list on this site and you can see some faces hopefully here too as reminders, although some are not particularly flattering at all. The public get to vote next week in what must be a massive show or two if each one is to perform fully. Sound good. From here the show really starts.

My money's on Trevor, Riley, Daniel and Jax at the moment.