Saturday, 14 March 2015

American Idol XIV: Top 12 become 11.

This show is going at some pace now! Just a few days ago there were 24 acts we were talking about, now there'll be just 11 today and ten after this.

Rayvon has made it through the night and has a cool number here that suits his voice well. Burn was not a number I'd expected he'd do well but it does work well for him. The falsetto is, perhaps, a little weak this time and I am not entirely sure he needs to use it that much as he has a strong mid-range and that's more comfortable listening too. Nice performance, generally, though. In tune and, as Keith says, his best performance so far. He ought to make the Top 10 but it'll be the lower half.

OK. We get it now. She's Country all right. The shorts, the boots, the legs. Not a bad performance although I am still not seeing anything in her eyes. Strange. they're quite blank. Pretty but vacant. Strong vocals and she's definitely deserving to be here and I'd like to be sure she makes the Top 10. She needs to find a niche at the moment but I guess that's not easy. We discover at the end that she was in pain and left almost straightaway to get some medical attention. Now, how often do we get all that focused on at the start? Much better to handle it that way. all credit to the girl and to the producers.Hope she's OK.

Another fabulous performance from Joey. She could make an album now and it would sell well. How and where she fits in the 2015 pop era I do not know. This clearly went down so well with a good proportion of the audience and her fellow competitors too. Great reception!! That will have made her proud. Harry gives an A+ for the arrangement and singing. She is a star, for sure. We just need to see whether she gets the public votes. In a way, I don't think it'll matter too much as she'll get picked up by someone like Simon Cowell.

Not at all fond of the Jussie & Yazz number. That hasn't hit the airwaves her in UK yet so maybe it improves with keeping. It is interesting to note that only one or maybe two of the contestants left could do that sort of number so if that's what is hitting #1 in USA are they choosing the right potential Idols nowadays? Hmmm. Let's move on.

A strange track to choose for this stage of the competition. It has a sort of 70s vibe that just doesn't seem to fit in 2015, even with Clark's good vocal abilities and effort. It has a great big crescendo at the end but that's about it really. again, however, the crowd seem very keen on that and he has so much support. Coming straight after the Jussie number I am at a loss to know what to make of this. He also looks just a little scared at times. A nice fellow, obviously talented but something is missing. Jennifer tries to identify it but makes no better attempt than I have! Even Harry tries but he's even more confusing! He'll still be safely into the Top 10.

Here she is again. This time she's covering Taylor Swift. It is quite a cover in places too. Nice enough and she makes an effort to get away but that's not easy, nor is the original easy to improve on so it's a tough job for Jax. I like her confidence on stage and with the audience too! She is very cool, a nice chick but I wonder how far she'll get. She should make the Top 10 but she's got tough competition and that special quality of hers wasn't there today. harry says how she can take some tracks and turn them into something cool but this was just a cover.

Right from the start you can see that Qaasim is just so happy to be there. What a great number too. Jet I don't recall hearing on any talent show so well done to him. It worked well enough but I felt he lost it in a few places. But all credit for trying and that sets down a good marker for what he can achieve. Nice job. Harry, though, is not impressed and calls him a one-trick pony! The other two loved it. They didn't care about the words. harry may have had a point but I missed it and, although I didn't appreciate it, these are supposed anyway to be 'party' songs. So that's all right.

Run Away Baby is the Bruno Mars number. Did this work for Adanna? It did show she can move and dance and deliver a fast up-beat tune but I don't know if it will get her those extra votes that she needs. She's good but I would have chosen something different for her. The star quality wasn't there this time and she seemed to be a full tilt all the way through with no shade. She does get great reviews, though, but the audience seems a lukewarm. She really should survive and I do hope she does.

In almost direct competition this week is Tyanna. I can see only one of Tyanna and Adanna surviving in future weeks. Maybe even this week could see one go as Tyanna was not at her most appealing this time. She tried hard and put everything she had into a very tough song. Working well with the backing and the band she may have saved herself as she gets a great reception. Possibly the best audience deal of the night. Interesting. Didn't expect that. The panel were also so complimentary. She is natural and deserves to stay. I guess, after all that, she will.

The one who should be at risk is Daniel. He does Happy and it's all cheery enough but this is such a big song that every knows his performance can only ever have been a simple cover. He was in tune this time and looked good but no, it's time he went home and maybe came back in a few years. Harry says he is immensely talented but I think he worries that we're watching a competition and rehearsed act by a good player than a natural guy. Nice enough fellow for all that.

Quentin will be feeling a bit vulnerable, I suppose, not getting the votes for a Top 10 place and needing the Panel assistance. This week will be the decider for him as the 'real' Top 10 is decided. Singing against Clark he compares well this week and I prefer him to Rayvon at the start too. Qaasim is in a different genre so shouldn't interfere with his votes. He ought to stay over Daniel but I am not so sure he will make it.

Nick chooses a very, very good track. Wake Me Up suits him down to the ground. It's a relaxed and good performance as well. I was thinking that he might be the one to go this week but I have to say that such a professional and genuine performance as that should keep him in after all. He is the last one called up so that leaves Sarina to sing in the hope that Panel will use their vote to save.

The Panel do have the chance to save Sarina but it is not to be. With just one chance throughout the XIV series it was never going to be the case. She must be really upset after so many years of trying and actually making it to a Live Show - so near but so far.