Saturday, 14 March 2015

American Idol XIV; The Top 12 Perform

Much smarter venue - a proper stage and such an improvement on last week's odd affair for the Top 16. Four go today and another tomorrow. Heavy stuff. Sarina's performance was not good, off tune and I wonder how much was due to her being excited at being first through. Not a good start at all. She will really have to hope people remember her previous performances and that someone else does as poorly. That was definitely something that few will bother to check out on YouTube again! Sorry.

Quite a nervous performance from this guy but mostly in tune at least. Again, this is not something we will be recollecting in years to come as a classic Idol performance but it should be enough to see him through to the Top 11. Good reviews from the panel are encouraging. he is one of the few almost 'normal' contestants.

I suppose every Idol or X Factor needs a little kid in the Live Shows. Daniel has been performing very maturely, to be honest, and, once he gets going, he makes a reasonably good version of the a previous idol Panel member's track. There are touches of brilliance but also too many mistakes and dodgy bits that Harry points out. You can tell the panel were not very impressed but he clearly gets the votes. He looks good and, maybe with better coaching, he could stick around a while. That's if he's not first to go.

Maddie only just made it in the Top 24 but is now looking and sounding as if she should never have been in doubt. Stunning appearance tonight, especially the eyes, although I did feel she was missing out the audience and just directing everything at us! She is very likeable and in tune which is a first tonight! They need a good Country girl.

Tyanna looks young but performs like someone who has been doing it for years. The song doesn't do much for me but it is pretty up-to-date and suits her. There are times when I am not sure I see her as an 'Idol' but I do see her with a record deal. She would best suit being with some others as she is so young and needs that extra bit of breadth in her image but she deserves to succeed and I am sure she'll be here next week.

I might have thought that he was one who could have fallen at this fence but he's made the Top 12. Idol voters like this type of guy and there is no-one like him now. He is accomplished but not compelling. Keith says he needs to believe in himself more and I can see what he means. There's something missing between his performance and our emotions. That connection isn't yet made. I am a bit surprised he's through and not sure how long he'll last but he won't be the worst tonight, for sure.

Jax is the act I look forward to each week. I Want To Hold Your Hand performed in her style, starting at a piano being a good idea as well. At times she makes some pretty not pretty facial expressions. This is good - a bit of a cover rather than a complete makeover but with several little bits that worked nicely for me. A cool chick and she's good, well worth all the votes she's earned.

Qaasim is nicely different to all the others. This time, though, he seems to mangle all the words and I had trouble making out almost all of them at the start. thereagain, Stevie Wonder mangled them on this track too. At times this guy almost seems to do too much. He is a cool performer and very happy on that stage. Maybe that takes a bit away from what he's actually trying to get across but then perhaps that's what will keep him in.

Clark has the best voice of the guys by quite a long way. He delivers this track quite predictably. No bad thing as it requires a lot of talent to do well and he sure showed that he had that. The Panel love this guy. Clark will do well in this series. jennifer has him as the vocal of the night too.

I am still not sure what to make of Joey. She is adorable and very, very talented. always spot-on in tune and on the beat. This is a marvellous track for her and seems to sum up lots of her appeal. I think she is surprised to be there when people like Alexis and Adam and Adanna are still sitting on the waiting area to find out if they're in. She's great. Is she Idol material? Not sure.But well done to her for what she's brought to the show so far.

Quentin didn't make the Top 10 but does get the Panel's vote for the Top 12. That Panel vote for two people is really useful and I am glad it's there. So the two last choices are not from the public but the panel. Hmmm. Who else will the rescue? This was a good choice as Quentin has been consistently excellent all the way through. he's very emotional but still makes a great job of this current number. That worked well for him.

The last place goes to Adanna. Wow. Again. A simple mesmerising performance. She must have been so nervous but still came though with something pretty special. I didn't notice Harry's 'tuning' or Jennifer's 'performance' issues at all. I did notice that the four who didn't make it were playing along or singing along with her and that said a lot about her and them. By a long way the best of the night in my view and a real star-like performance with energy and rhythm and passion. It's a pity that she didn't get the public votes this week.

So you'll have figured out that these are the four eliminations. I'm sad to see Adam go, thought he'd got a good Live Show future, along with Alex Gomez who would win the Country Girl competition but it isn't to be. Loren was good but perhaps not unique in her appeal and up against some similar acts like Sarina. Not that Sarina really impressed this week.

Mark Andrew
Adam Egazelien
Alex Gomez
Loren Lott

So soon it'll be down to 11. It ought to be Daniel but It won't be.