Sunday, 8 March 2015

American Idol XIV: Top 8 Girls

This is a major episode where 12 girls become just 8 girls.

Tyanna is first to get through with the public vote and is so relaxed and is enjoying herself so much that you can see why. It was very simple. Rocking Robin is another Jackson number and she just seemed so natural. No denying that talent and so different to many performances we've seen before when nerves or whatever just edge in and spoil what might otherwise have been good. Well done Tyanna.

No 2 through is Lauren. She isn't as fun and childlike as Tyanna, much more serious and mature with a more solid 21st Century number. She certainly put lots into it but that wasn't one of my favourite performances. Maybe the song wasn't as familiar or just a bit repetitive but she gets great reviews. She gets a lot of words in her 10 seconds after song time! I thought she was wobbly at some points and I am not sure how long she'll survive.

Maddy Walker makes it through and does another Jackson number I'll Be There. A bit unsure of her notes in places and the higher ones were a bit hard work and tinny. For all that she has a great personality and puts across the song well emotionally. Harry picks her up on a few points. I would have thought that a potetial American Idol should not, at this stage, be making these mistakes. Nice girl but doesn't compete withe either of the other two so far.

Ryan is in very casual clothes. Tedious top and grubby colour jeans. Odd. The whole image is a mixed one. The panel are smart and quite restrained. The set is mostly a bit dismal but with some very modern blue structures here and there. The audience also seems to be mostly auditionees and some parents. Quite small too which is strange.

Joey Cook is #4. She does Shop Around by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles is her own jazz style. She has style for sure but it didn't match the song well. All credit to her for trying and she may well stand out enough to get one tranche of votes that could keep her in for a while. She is quite a character and is a natural performer.

Saina-Joy Crowe is #5. Nice track - You Really Got A Hold On Me and she performs it very differently to what we're used to hearing but in a good way, a very good way, unlike Joey who may not have had that many people appreciating what she did. Sarina has a superb voice and control and that was the best so far by quite a long way. Good job. She had better be back next week. Jennifer comments that she could be one of the best singers there. Interesting but Harry says she was flat. I missed that.

Adanna is #6. I remember being very impressed with her Top 24 performance. She does Hello, the Lionel Ritchie number. This is stunning. She may well be on the way to winning this whole show. That was absolutely amazing and she looked attractive too. Harry, once again, picks her up on being flat. I was surprised that the panel didn't give her better reviews as that struck me as very pure, intense and valuable.

Two spots left for the girls and #7 is for Jax, another contender for the top spot in my books. You never know what to expect with this girl. Ain't No Mountain High Enough never sounded liked this before. She is an attractive little thing and is even wearing the blue and black dress that everyone thought was gold and white in a different image! Very original and lots of style. She's good. Jennifer wasn't impressed. Harry says she has incredible charisma and voice which is good news but he didn't like the arrangement.

Last to get through is Alexis. We see her with a new Mustang and so there is an interesting Country girl in the competition after all. I was beginning to wonder. Her track is The Four Tops' I Can't Help Myself. It's a bit bland but she's natural and makes one of the Top 4 performances but I give the night to Adanna, Saina-Joy and Tyanna. She gets some average reviews but I reckon she's safe for a while yet. Maddy was not looking that happy as Alexis did her 'vote for me' bit.

So that's the girls. Two possible winners there.