Sunday, 8 March 2015

American Idol XIV: The Top 8 Boys

The Top 8 Boys will be revealed in the latest stage of American Idol XIV. Aretha Franklin starts off the show but may have been better advised to stay in the audience or as a mentor perhaps. We all respect how good she was 40 years ago but in 2015? Some people need to stop and not spoil our fond memories of them at their best.

Ryan is still looking like he's just got up and grabbed the first clothes he had lying around on the floor. It may be the video colour or my screen but he looks so grey!

I am surprised to see Daniel Seavey, the very young one, through. I know he's a cool young lad and will get millions of votes from the junior fans but, really, he needs another year or two. He's doing a Marvyn Gaye number How Sweet It Is and he sings very well but it is all a bit over-rehearsed and unbelievable. He is popular, though, so who knows what can happen.

#2 is Mark, one of the more mature guys. He knows what he's doing and is pretty professional with Papa Was A Rollin' Stone. It was good, not exceptional, but solid stuff. I just don't see this chap going a great deal further. The song was a bit plain. No faults so the fact that he's been voted through once may help him get through again. Clearly a lot do like him.

#3 is Rayvon who has been giving us some pretty good performances so far. This week he does the classic My Girl and stays in its original zone. He does it well and looks like someone who is confident of himself. There are some others he needs to compete with but this was a good start and made his mark much more clearly in this competition.

#4 is Adam. That's good. He has such a cool personality. His track is I Want You Back but he brings a totally different theme to the song. A bit weird and unnecessary but it shouldn't do him much harm. He is so likeable. Good reviews from the panel. Nice to see someone dressing appropriately too. Well done, Adam. He won't win but he'll be around for a while yet.

#5 is Clark. He does Tracks Of My Tears which needs to be as close to spot-on as anything in the Motown collection. He was disappointing with several missed notes and you felt it was too high for him. He tried to bring it back later in the number and certainly succeeded with the fast beat line repetition which was almost rap. I agree with the panel's view that he would have been better bringing out emotions by doing just great singing. That wasn't a stand out for me.

#6 is Nick. That's good. He's a bit older than some and has been trying hard all the way through. Signed Sealed Delivered is a bit of a tedious song at the best of times and that performance was just accurate but not inspiring. I didn't expect him to get through but that was quite professional and he did look and sound good.

Two more to go through. #7 is Qaasim who is just a great entertainer and totally natural on stage singing Stevie Wonder. An easy choice and surely a must for the Top 12. That was really the first proper performance we've had. Nice.

The last spot is Quinton. Now, he's good but I had expected to see either Riley or Trevor through for sure. Big surprise there. And disappointment for those two in particular. Quinton does Jammin' which I don't recall having a great connection with Motown but there we go.

So that's the Top 8 Guys sorted. It was Qaasim, Adam and Quinton's night. Next week, though, it could be any one of theirs.